Schumer is going to walk his party off the cliff

Schumer is going to force his party to go on the record for the filibuster on this voting bill. Sinema and Manchin both already know they are no solid ground with a majority of their state’s voters. And the Republican Senators have no reason to vote for this change. The only risk here seems to be for swing state senators in the Democrat party.

Is this a sound power move, or an act of desperation?

Schumer tells Democrats reluctant to nuke filibuster: ‘We are all going to go on the record’

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Desperation. The Dems are their own worst enemies right now.


They all have the covid taste buds.

The single party power is almost there and they think they can taste it…but it is just Covid fever.


He is bringing it to a vote knowing it will fail in a dumb effort to shame the GOP… the GOP has no shame so it will fail.

Nothing is going to happen to the filibuster.

It’s not like they (the gop) care. They will end the filibuster if they need to, when they retake the Senate. They did it Supreme Court nominee and then said afterwards it’s no big deal and they are free to change their minds whenever. So yes this is a mistake for Schumer.

I actually find our honored liberal members’ opinion on this the most telling.


Does he want to shame Republicans or his own members?

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It’s so interesting that this just gets glossed over.

What happened to America Needs a Nap?


Hell of a system them old dudes came up with, huh?

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Both probably.

It is kinda dumb what he is doing.

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Right…like libs have any pride.

So what do you think is his reason for doing this? He isn’t actually trying to flip any GOP votes. Did this bill even go to committee for mark up and debate before going to the floor?

Indeed…very telling.

I don’t know why he is doing it… other than maybe kill it so people will stop talking about it.

Will voting, and failing, stop Bernie, or the Progressives in the house from going on and on? And what will happen to any Dem Senator voting against this and running this year. They have already called Sinema and Manchin anything but children of God. I suspect there are 5-6 more Dem Senators who don’t want to go on record here.

IMO the Progressive wing has been neutered.

It is the centrists like Manchin and Sinema that run the party.

They should force it to be a talking filibuster.

if you’re going to filibuster you should be required to actually filibuster.


You really think 50 Senators can’t rotate endlessly to the Senate floor to speak for an hour or 2 each. They won’t vote for cloture and it’s moderate Dems, not any Reps that aren’t motivated to do this.