Say it ain't so! Joe paid the ho?

Also there is a misspelling in the thread title.



That’s what you used to bump my thread to the top of the list?



You keep saying this.

Ask eliot spitzer and his successor about the “newfound concern”.

“Hunter Biden may have accidentally paid”

“Hunter reportedly ordered “thin brunette” Yanna”

Hunter said, “Hi, my name is Rob.

“The pair reportedly had sex”

“text messages appear to show”

“Receipts on the laptop show”

Typical Murdoch ‘journalism’. I’m ready to call this a made up story.

Still with the fake laptop.

And the one I mentioned earlier, from OP’s article:

It’s not known if any of the accounts used were linked to Mr Biden.

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Oh… that is when all of that mattered.

None of that stuff matters anymore.

Not what I fought for… but I lost… so here we are.

You oughtta be authority by now.

All I know is that Hunter lives rent free in some peoples minds. Wake me up when an arrest is made. :joy:

First of all. I don’t believe that for a second. Secondly, It wouldn’t matter what I think, the press would be all over this if it were Don. As they should be.

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Murdoch’s publications make most of their stories up.

I said that was my opinion. You go check out that thread. You will find many outraged whether there was proof of underage or not. Don’t jump to conclusions that make you feel good.

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Why would I give a crap about Don Jr paying for sex?

Now if we found out and he was running for office and his supporters didn’t care… I would find it really really funny… but where he wants to get his rocks off with and with who in a consensual manner doesn’t matter to me one bit.

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There won’t be an arrest. With rare exception, libs don’t prosecute libs. I did you a service by at least making you aware. You’re welcome.

Sure, sure.

Anyone for a round of collusion??

Or how about some russian bounties??

Anyone else make thing up??

Hunter didn’t pay. Joe did.

So what?

A ridiculous article.

With all due respect, there are already a few Gaetz threads going. Please stay on topic.

Why do you not want to talk about this current story?

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So you completely skipped the “Don Jr on drugs”, “Don Jr killed endangered animals”, “Don Jr cheated on his wife with Kimberly guilfoyle” stories??..

Why don’t I believe you??