Sanders up nationally and in Iowa/N.H./California

The day of reckoning is coming in terms of which path the democratic party is heading in a few days in Iowa. The Sanders surge is very real according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal national poll, Sanders a democrat/socialist is surging at exactly the right moment.

Sanders - 27%
Biden - 26%
Warren - 15%
Bloomberg - 9%

Yep called this one awhile back, all the media focused on the investigations and impeachment over the last three years as well as the Democratic candidates hitting Sanders with kid gloves on the debate stage, then boom you wake up one day and the man runs away with it.

It’s not just this poll, it’s others as well as betting sites for the first time having Sanders up. He has a better than 50% chance of winning Iowa and has ran away with N.H. and since the vote is a few days away we can’t use the argument of “Its to far away for polls to matter”. The Iowa caucus is 3 days away.

I’m surprised Warren hasn’t had a break out surge so far.

She seemed to have peaked too early. I am not sure why she has faltered so much since then some say it was her defending her position with bad numbers on Healthcare but I don’t think that would explain this big of a fall, as Sanders is basically running on a similar healthcare plan.

She’s weak.

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Maybe when she announced that she would have a nine year old transgender child selecting cabinet members? That was a world class stupid thing to say. Makes her look like a pandering idiot.

I am not. She comes across as a marginally talented hack.


She is. That voice and delivery remind me of the middle school substitute that even middle school kids knew did not have enough skills to land a full time teacher job.


She’s likely to not place in the top 3 in either Iowa or NH., does she stay or go after that?

That’s a interesting question. And who does she endorse? She hates Bernie. But her voters will probably go to him. Or maybe to Kloblow.

Her policies are definitely more towards Bernie, but her supporters are different than Bernie’s. It’s a good question but I would imagine most of her support would go to Bernie, if that’s the case she will likely be pressured by the DNC to stay in the race.

A lot of her supporters are more right leaning than bernie. I think half would go to bernie and the other half would go to biden or bloomberg.

She carries herself very well, is well informed and clearly articulates her positions. I like her alot

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And the other half who is voting for her because she is a woman will go to Kloblow.



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Am I half right?

Probably not. Warren is my pick (Harris was), but I’d go with Sanders next. (I’m a woman)

Maybe you should ask a nine year old transgenderd child who you should pick?

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IT will be Biden. He will finish 1 or 2 in Iowa. 2 or 3 in NH, and 1 in South Car, and 1 or 2 in NV.
This will give him the delegate lead going into Super Tuesday and as others drop - They will go behind Biden.