Sanders booted by ... Now it makes sense

you mean since the tea party’s boyfriend took office? We have the largest monthly budget deficit since 2009, where are all your mobs protesting?

a mob refused service to Sanders? Can you describe this mob you speak of?


If it works for a cake baker, exercising his beliefs, why shouldn’t it work for a restaurant and it’s staff?

That’s their right.

However, they shouldn’t be surprised if Donald uses his alt-right followers to attack anyone who he perceives as disrespecting him/his administration. I’m not saying it’s right for him to do that, but it’s effective at shutting down opposition. If this business shuts down as a result of these attacks, other business owners will think twice about disrespecting people associated with Trump.

Are you telling me it’s not longer fashionable to ask if one has any Grey Poupon?

Actually from what I understand it is a serious ethics violation for anyone in government to use official government outlets aka sources to do what he has done.

I warned about this many times on the old forum and several times here. I saw the writing on the wall when they whole cake baker case started. I said this would keep escalating, and our very own president is throwing gasoline on it as often as he can.

I don’t think what the restaurant owner did was right, but it is her right, we’ve established and doubled down on the whole refuse service to anyone, and people are going to just keep one upping each other. Yelp is going to have to add an addition metric to their listings i.e political affiliation.

Ethics violations? Nothing is going to come of that. Pruitt still has a job and it’s a joke at this point how many ethic violations he’s been involved with.


Interesting. A Dallas lawyer could twist that into a PA violation.

So you think political affiliation will eventually added to the some pigs are more equal than others list?

Our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.

Frankly I wish people would just grow the hell up and get along. Nearly half the people I am both friends and acquaintances with are at the very least moderately republican and a few of them are hard core righties. And yet I still manage to get along with them, hang out, have a good time. Their facebook posts sometimes drive me nuts but the difference is I know them as people. The problem with politics today is so many people just put labels on others and assume because of their political affiliation that they are this and that, without every actually trying to get to know them, and that goes for both sides.

The ones that really just get under my skin are the ones that steadfastly subscribe to the rediculous assertion that their side doesn’t do this and that which is proven incorrect over and over.


They should be thanking the Supreme Court for making it possible for businesses to reject someone’s business for religious/moral grounds like this restaurant did.

Ethics? In Trump’s admin?


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Supposedly the mob was only 7 employees who all gave a thumbs up or down on her presence there.

The mob booted her off of Red Hen’s Nest. They then (gleefully) celebrated their momentary power and superiority to her ghastly association to the devil incarnate and his 63 Million voters.

They aren’t going to grow up and get along, it’s going the other direction. Social media.

Read Righteous Minds

so, the “mob” consisted of 7 people, one of which politely asked Sanders to leave.

Remind me again what your problem is?

Seems to me that if gays are too fragile and emotionally unstable to do simple tasks like preparing and serving food, then it’s best not to hire gays at all.

Lesson learned.

or with such vindictiveness, they would be predisposed to doing something… unprofessional… to your food if they thought they heard even a hint of conservativeness in the table conversation.

No one cares what you think in this regard.

Most everyone has cousins, cousins aren’t destiny.

If she’s a so-called “progressive” it’s on her, not her on relatives.