Sanders booted by ... Now it makes sense

You see, that’s what I’ve never got:

1st person: “That’s the cake we forced that baker to make for us under threat of lawsuit.”

2nd person: “And you’re eating that … why? Are you really that trusting?”

(Sugar Free Haribo Bear icing comes to mind)

True. The left has once again demonstrated that their radical followers never wanted “equality”, they only want to mete out some for of “punishment” to assigned targets.

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I do and I’m sure others do as well.

Why do you feel the need to speak for everyone?


Is there any doubt what the cries would have been if this had been a black cabinet member of either side? Homosexual member?

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Or even worse today, a Latina?

Let me rephrase. No one with any authority cares.

Be careful about making threats like this. If people do it, and you are tracked down as the mastermind behind it all, you might be sued for trying to sabotage their business.

Make sure you put your sarcasm glasses on any time you read a Mr Cap’s post.

It would have been ok if Sanders was teh gay

To be fair, if Sanders were gay she wouldn’t be a member of this administration. Or the Republican Party. Or Reverend Mike’s family. Gays don’t fit in the New Trumpublican tent.

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Lets be honest, Sarah is a 3 at best, and is a little chunky. Missing a meal might do her some good.

maybe we need a “disparate impact” law for public accommodation?

My bet is that the dirty red hen won’t be turning away the same proportion of black people.

The Red Hen is not dirty and has passed its health inspection. Don’t lie.

Trump supporters calling in death threats and tossing eggs at the Red Hen in DC, a totally different restaurant that is not affiliated with the place in VA that asked Sarah to leave. Do you support this?

Ugh. That’s a low bar.

A lie is a lie. Shame on you.

Then perhaps we need an unreasonable prosecutor.

True. It doesn’t change the facts though.

Oh dear. You must have missed that day of #MeToo #FeministsGone Wild class

No rational person would support this … However, isn’t this behavior all the rage?