Sanders booted by ... Now it makes sense

So Sarah Sanders was booted from a restaurant with 7 other family members by none other than left wing hag, Meryl Streep’s cousin.

Now it makes so much more sense. And of course she’s a New York liberal transplant.

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It’s odd you draw the line at political beliefs. Would it be better if she was booted out because her lazy eye might disturb other restaurant patrons?

This is utterly repugnant. I hope a bunch of real americans go in there, order a bunch, eat it and leave without paying.

Or at least leave 0 dollar tips for those snowflake servers.

She got booted because she ordered dijon mustard


And here I thought “conservatives” were all for allowing businesses to choose who they do business with. I guess you all turn into snowflakes when it happens to one of yours.


I saw that she was wearing a tan pantsuit.

Atta boy!



:rofl: priceless!

I am. But I’m a fanatic.


Just imagine if this had been a protected class activist instead…

Remember that 63 million electoral winning voters are also feeling the sting of these hateful displays of mob emotional meltdowns.

Keep it up. The truth of hate is on display with every mob that commandeers a public place.

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if political bias qualified as a hate crime, most of you guys would be in prison.

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You misspelled “us”

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Sorry, We do not have mobs of people doing anything against opposing political representatives.

When was the last time a Pelosi or Shumer associate was refused service?

maybe that will now change? Is this what the mob wants?

Not anymore. That was 2010 when you last thought that protesting politicians was good. Why would you be protesting Democrats who have no power?

yes… it makes sense.

"Several Red Hen employees are gay, she said. They knew Sanders had defended Trump’s desire to bar transgender people from the military. "

It is likely they would also throw scientists from the CDC out. Libs always hate those CDC links.

born that way

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Honestly, it appears the mob are those attacking the business en masse.

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