San Francisco Voters Overwhelmingly Back Recall of Progressive School-Board Members

Pretty impressive smack down of wokeness and moronic failure.

Pretty damn ■■■■■■■ impressive smack down of the same, given the electorate was that of none other than San Francisco.

One member had fully 79% of electors in favor of recall.

Which means there was massive support from voters left of center for the recall, since right of center voters constitute a very tiny proportion of the San Francisco electorate.

This was about members of the school board who were utterly concerned with wokeness, to the exclusion of actual education matters. Race whores who were focused on that and nothing else, while one of the race whores was outed as being an anti-Asian bigot.

Hopefully, the ousted members will be replaced with more mainstream Democrats (this is San Francisco after all) and the school board will change its focus to education issues that matter The Mayor of San Francisco is relatively mainstream, so I think that is possible.


Very encouraging. Neo-racism needs to go.

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Yes, very good news.

When will the FBI SWAT team raids commence against those who led the recall effort?

We cannot allow voters to act like terrorists. This a threat to democracy!


We voted them out not because of wokeness but because of priorities and racism. Any replacement Breed appoints will also be guilty of “wokeness” by your standards.

Why would that happen? The establishment democrats backed the recall.

Breed had questioned the school board’s priorities. In January 2021, it spent time debating a plan to rename 44 public schools - among them those named for Abraham Lincoln, and current U.S. Senator and former San Francisco Mayor Dianne Feinstein. Breed, at the time, said she could not understand “why the school board is advancing a plan to have all these schools renamed by April, when there isn’t a plan to have our kids back in the classroom by then.”

Makes sense.

So…here a few extreme progressives, took things way too far…and got their butts kicked out.


It would be good for that to happen to extreme conservatives, that are trying to some ban books in schools, and whitewash our history in schools. But…it seems that level of conservative extremism, is acceptable.

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Defend the prog ideology even in the face of defeat. Good boy!


In the face of defeat? I voted them out.


:rofl: You expect anybody to believe you voted them out?


Yes. You saw what your ideology produces in the real world and were so ashamed you blamed their failure on something else. We see the same approach used in defending socialism when Venezuela is mentioned…

" oh… they failed because of something something… not BECAUSE of socialism. "

So transparent. :rofl:

Same with trannyism. “Oh the guy who raped the girl in the bathroom didbt do it because he was a tranny…”


Yes that would be nice if both sides banished the crazies. Not likely tho sadly.

But one needs to keep in mind, for conservatives…Access to affordable healthcare and higher education and/or job training is considered extreme progressivism.

And mandatory sick and vacation time for all employees is basically communism.

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Nice to see that progressive voters are holding their representatives accountable. I have doubts this would ever happen in conservative localities.


Same defense and denial technique used to defend them.

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How so? Draw the parallel for me.

And now, the voters in Virgina need to do the same and rid themselves of the socialist revolutionaries on their school board.


Let us not forget during the coming election what the Democrat Party Leadership has done to our businesses, our families and our children.

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Which socialist revolutionaries? Is London Breed a socialist revolutionary? How about Scott Weiner?


I guess the answer to your question will be forthcoming this coming election!


Let us not forget during the coming election what the Democrat Party Leadership has done to our businesses, our families and our children, when they ignored a commonsense approach to the Covid outbreak and instead, substituted irrational and unscientific iron fisted measures which may take a generation to overcome.