Chances of Nancy Pelosi being voted out?

I never thought Nancy Pelosi would be voted out. Now I am starting to wonder. Last night three school board members were recalled over wokeism. One of the parents there said that the SF school district has more money than any other school district in the country, yet their school rankings are in the lower 50%. Not sure that is true or not, but the people voted over 70% to vote them out.

So if the SF voters are that pissed off over their school board, what are the chances that their sentiment gets carried over to the Congressional Election this year and Pelosi also gets voted out?

That is the one scenario less likely than a medical emergency keeping her from DC.

If that does happen?


It’s “this” not “that”.

Otherwise the post comes off as a tad callous. Just a tad.

I’d rather she get voted out while she’s alive than see her die in office.


The world is a mirror…not so sure Pelosi even has a reflection as I think about it…


First of all the world is the worst kind of a mirror. Second of all what?

Unlikely although SF school board recall is actually a fairly big deal.

It’d probably have been more helpful to make the thread about that and not Pelosi.

I would hate to see what they replace her with. As much as I am not on the side of Nancy in politics I would imagine her replacement would be much further to the left.

The party has been moving left pretty fast it looks like the current Senator in Pennsylvania is likely to lose the primary to the progressive candidate.

The current Senator up for re-election in PA is retiring and he is a Republican. Pat Toomey.

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Starting to get more confident McCormick is going to be able to win this one.

Here’s one of the members that just got recalled (that previously posted some anti-Asian racist tweets) talking about how merit is racist:

The current Senator for Pennsylvania is Pat Toomey, who is a Republican, and he’s not running for re-election.

It is true that Fetterman is likely to beat Lamb in the primary, but neither of them are incumbents.

Chances = zero

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I doubt they will vote her out but the voters will vote her out of the Speaker job by turning the House over to the GOP this fall. :+1: :grinning:

Dear lord what did I read. I will try to find and correct.


Mistake was mine I was reading about Congressman Conor Lamb and his primary against a more leftist candidate who he seems to be trailing. Not Senator but congressman. Thanks for the correction I was reading this article yesterday.

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I don’t think she’s going to run again. Why else, after all these years of insider trading has she now introduced a Bill to prohibit Congressmen from buying stock? :wink:


I may be suffering the Mandela Effect here, but I could swear a law once got passed about congresscritters and inside trading. Was it during the Booosh years?

See how lots money for a govt does not equal a good education for the children.

I think you are referring to this?

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Some things never change. lol

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