Ruth Bader Ginsburg's next birthday is March 15th - what else will soon be turning besides her age?

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has her 87th birthday fast approaching.

August 10th marks the 27th anniversary on her serving on “The Highest Court in the Land.”

Another notable date will be Election Day, Tuesday, November 3rd.

All Federal judges serve lifetime appointments in accordance with Article III of the US Constitution.

Will be very interesting to see what else turns…

Hopefully Ginsberg will soon be replaced under Trump’s second term. It would be great to see another justice like his last two replace a left wing constitution hating radical.


I do hope both Justice Ginsburg and the rest of the Supreme Court survive in good health to noon EST, January 20, 2021.

I hope there are NO more vacancies in a Trump first term.

If Trump wins reelection and vacancies occur thereafter, fine.

And Democrats are doing their level ******* best to make sure Trump wins a second term.


As much as I detest her politics, I don’t have any ill will toward her, but she is very old and in poor health. Odds are not in her favor. They are in Trump’s favor for now…

But if she dies now, McConnell is going to own the mother of all hypocrisies. :smile: When he grants to Trump what he did not grant to Obama.

For that reason alone, I hope she survives one more year.


" - what else will soon be turning besides her age?"

The Season!

If McConnell had said to Obama, your a Democrat, so we are going to keep this seat open for political reasons, I would have had no problems with it, he would have told the truth.

What pissed me off was this “election year” excuse which was nothing but a cover for the actual truth above.

It is not his holding the seat open that pissed me off.

It was his lying about the reason that pissed me off.

Just tell the ******* truth.

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I wish hypocrisy was the only issue we had to deal with in our government. Besides. I think Ginsberg is too determined to stay put, at least until the election. She hopes a Democrat or a Sanders win will put another leftie on the court. She’ll hold out that long…

She’s determined to stay but with her fragile health and age she could pass at any time.

Yes Winter “turns” to Spring, lol.

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No vulture here, I am wishing her well and hope she holds on longer.

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I think that’s obvious, did not mean to imply you were :+1:

I can see her refusing to retire until after the election. Hopefully she retires to live a few years in comfort, anyway. But if something were to happen before now and the election, or even worse after an election where Trump loses but before January, then the Republicans would be very tempted to do something that it is hard to think up a justification for…but I’m sure someone would.

What does that mean? She obviously enjoys her work.

I applaud anyone who stays active and lives life with a purpose, healthiest thing you can do.

It means there comes a time. Would you like to fly in an airliner piloted by a 90 year old?

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Depends on the person. How is a judge at all similar to an airline pilot though?

Turn, Turn, Turn

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They both require clear thinking, no?
Fine, if you disagree with me and do not hope she has a few years of comfort after she retires, that is your choice. Her health issues have been in the media for the last few years, however. She clearly does not have the vigor of a …70 year old.

Yes he will be mother of all hypocrites but so what. The democrats would do it. Oh wait you think we should be better then them. I disagree. It’s that weakness is reason why they’re allowed to get away with so much.

Over my lifetime I’ve observed democrats prey on good men…that needs to change.

All I said is that McConnell should simply have said the truth. Block the nomination, but be forthright about why.

Hardly the first time the Senate would have done something like this. When John Quincy Adams tried to fill a Supreme Court vacancy near the end of his term, the Jacksonian Democrats, who controlled the Senate at that time, passed a resolution stating it is not expedient to fill the vacancy at this time. They basically said they were holding it for Jackson.

McConnell should have been equally forthright about his behavior.

Had he been, he wouldn’t be in the potential hypocrisy cross-hairs now.