Ruth Bader Ginsburg Health Crisis

with a malignant tumor on her pancreas.

This same thing affected my maternal grandmother.

Lets wish her well

I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

But she still needs to retire.

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She’s definitely a fighter and I’m wishing her all the best.

This is how we lost our grandmother. She had the very aggressive kind that 95% of people get. Steve Jobs and I am assuming Ginsburg has the one that isn’t as fast of a killer.

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it’s not clear what the prognosis is.

just hope she isnt in for a lot of suffering.

i read she was “wobbly” and was depending heavily on a us marshall for physical support

doesn’t quite paint the “night out on the town” picture. but hopefully that’s not the case

Such saints; “health crisis”, “needs to retire”, and focused on anything negative about her evening out. Thoughts and prayers, I’m sure.

Can anyone say Coney Barrett?

That’s your future.

It will only take about three months to replace and have her fast track to confirmation by Nov 2020.

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That’s the spirit!

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Get use to saying her name lib. Coney Barrett.

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Both sides are perfectly capable of bad taste.

I remember all to well the poster on the old board that said he would dance on Scalia’s grave, that comment being made the very day that Scalia died.

I wish Ginsburg well and I hope she survives until at least the next presidential term.

For various and sundry reasons (all pragmatic in nature), I do NOT wish to see Trump gain another Supreme Court appointment, at least not in his first Presidential term.

Also, with everything going on, this country does NOT need the nastiness and insanity that another Supreme Court fight would entail.


There’s going to be one regardless…libs set the bar.

Garland disagees.

Get over it…it’s politics.

if you want to make accusations of “bad taste” and discuss political ramifications pls start a thread in “politics”.

I didn’t start the ****.

that doesnt mean you have to feed it

I wasn’t *feeding" anything either. I made a neutral comment about both sides.

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You just said “Libs set the bar”.

That’s right they did.