Russian police beat protesters with batons and arrest 300 in rallies over

Putin is the man isn’t he? Just gather enough intel on all your rivals (to shut them up) or then either kill the ones that don’t cooperate or beat them in the streets if they protest law changes.

Riots… because the retirement age for men will be 65 instead of 60. Ummm… OK.


You think were so innocent???

Instant, reflexive defense of Putin.


You are so primed for when Trump starts doing garbage like this aren’t you.

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I can’t imagine why a Russian man, with a life expectancy of 66, would be upset that the retirement age is being raised to 65.

Keep in mind that Putin’s goons are bludgeoning people over pension plans that pay out about $200


It’s funny how Ish and a few others automatically come to Putin’s defense!

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Or divert. Or deflect.

Where do these people live that they feel the need to constantly defend a foreign leader?

Quick like, fat donald has them conditioned.

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I wonder if Ishmael is aware that HIV rates are skyrocketing in Russia.

2 posts about the subject of the OP.
6 about ish.



Typically when you see a video of goons beating up peaceful protestors, and someone takes the side of the goons, you tend to discuss why.

Spin it however you need to.


It’s literally the story of this thread.

Ish is not the story of this thread.


Honest question, you ok with Putin’s goons beating up peaceful protesters?

Goodness, its the story of what happened in this thread.

I’m skeptical of your sincerity. Why would I be ok with it?

Quite frankly, I think it’s a stupid question. Why not ask me if I’m ok with some tsunami that hit somewhere?


It’s your gig.

If your answer was “yes”, then we can have a discussion as to why you were ok with it.