Russian Jet downs American drone over international waters in the Black Sea

WW3 is about to begin… Biden is the wrong man for this job

Russia attacks us and all we can say is that it was “unsafe and unprofessional” …

They physically collided with the drone? How much vodka did they have that morning? :rofl:

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They were flying past the drone for 30 minutes… I can’t wait until the “surveillance” drone is said to have filmed “nothing”


And what’s Brandon’s concern here?

“reckless, environmentally unsound and unprofessional.”

We ought to carbon-tax them, or something.

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world war farc


Russia, China, and Iran v Nato + Israel…

I don’t know if it escalates… once Iran glows in the dark, the rest of the world will as well…

a nice game of chess will not solve this one

Moscow denies that a collision occurred.

An American B52 recently flew very close to the Russian city of Saint Petersburg and the Russian territory of Kaliningrad.

What would the US response be to a similar Russian flight over international waters near New York or Los Angeles?

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what’s impt is if everyone knows their pronouns.


why we’d wait until it flies completely over the continental USA… just ask the Chinese balloon fliers


Remember during the campaign Joe said he knew Putin and he was the only candidate that could go toe to toe with him??

More like lips to ass. That’s Joe’s signature position with every world leader, especially the dictators…




Be cheaper to buy one from the Taliban.


Same thing that always happens. We intercept it and follow it. Is that a mystery?

brandon mask phone


The Russians fly bombers over international waters near the US frequently.

So I heard the Russians were going to try and find the drone. US officials say it is probably wrecked into a pile of debris, but my question is why wouldn’t we equip all our drones with remote explosives so that the instant they got into trouble and we decided we couldn’t recover them, we could just blow them up?

How about Tik-Tac-Toe? Players = 0

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