Russian Jet downs American drone over international waters in the Black Sea

How about a nice game of chess?




It would have to be nothing, because they would have a right to do it.

A common activity among those causing the next war is them trying to prevent the last war.

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Should the US shoot down a Russian drone if it was flighting a restricted air space off the coast of the US without a transponder?

For example, over the ocean near the approach to LAX or JFK?

One reason is weight. I know it doesn’t sound like much but they try and conserve every ounce for fuel. Also you can not be sure that it will destroy what you needed. The reporting said they wiped everything. But that wasn’t an option when I was flying them. Not sure about now. Our procedure was to nose dive it and destroy everything on impact. Like I said I don’t know what new logic it may have. I gave been out of the business since 2018.


I guess that right would depend on the legal right of a country to declare sections of the air over international waters as a restricted area, when not their territory.

This in my opinion was inevitable. Weve been flying RQ 4B global hawks every other day for the past month or more over the black sea …flying the length of the crimean peninsula. Flights last about 8 to 10 hours. This was sure to attract the attention of the Russians at some point.

is there a ceiling to international air space?

I dont think so. These drones are flying between 50 and 55 thousand feet. And spy planes fly at 70 K ft. Right?

I was thinking undefended satellites…

Is there defined airspace in outer space?

I’ve held this question for decades. Back when the Mayaguez was held hostage in 1975 I was asking this. Stuff we left behind in Afghanistan? Blow it up remotely. Anything that gets into the hands of the enemy. Trigger the self-destruct.

I’ve been told that the risk of accidental detonation is too high. Even worse, if the enemy figures out how to detonate it themselves, then they can blow up our entire army as it approaches.

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since we planted our flag first, is the moon ours?

I have to guess that when this drone went down…from 50,000 ft. There was not much left of it right?

How else would they communicate with pilotless drone flying in restricted air space to get it to leave that air space?

Did Russia have a no fly zone over the black sea?


If they did, it was not legal under international law. A counrty only controls the airspace over their land territory and territorial waters.

This was yesterday this is a different drone but it certainly is in international air space right?