Russian Interference vs The Beatles


There was no Russian interference in the 2016 Election or any Election in the United States of America.

The Mueller report failed to identify one single solitary American who’s vote was cast and/or counted based on something Russia did.

No interference.

What they are talking about is something very different.

It is something they use to justify to their own minds about.

They are claiming Russian Interference for 2 reasons.

1- As a smoke screen to cover up what is really going on.

2- To regulate and censor any Free Speech that is a threat to their power.

Russian speech in America is back ground noise.
They are going after our Free Speech.

I had mentioned on here yesterday Paul McCartney played Red Square back in 2003.

I went to you tube yesterday and watched the first part of the video and it reminded me what is really going on.

It was the made for television version of the concert with a history lesson between each song.

Watch the first 20 -30 minutes of this video. It has a few songs and between the songs the lesson.

(Search for the link on you tube, the one have it coming up blank right now Aug 30, 2019 )

An argument is made I completely agree with.

Over radio and the black market the Beatles music penetrated the Iron Curtain in the 1960’s.

By the mid 1960’s the youth of the Soviet Union may have been physically living in Russia, but were spiritually somewhere else thanks to the Beatles.

The Russian Government could not stop it.

The affect was so powerful it changed Russia and led to the fall of the Soviet Union.

This is what the talk is about when they are talking about Russian interference in the election.

They are not really talking about Russian interference in the election.

They are talking bout Russian interference in our culture and society through the use of technology and social media.

But that is a 2nd smoke screen.

What they are really talking about is our Free Speech vs their power.

What they fail to tell us is Russia interference like this is just back ground noise.

It is not The Beatles penetrating the Iron Curtain.

There is nothing to worry about.

What is more disturbing are attacks form within our own country against our own country.

Attacks against the Flag, the National Anthem, the Pledge of Allegiance, the rule of law, and all fundamental values such as family and church.

These are the threats to America.

And they are coming from within our own media and our own Government.

It is sick.

People had the sense in 2016 to recognize Trump represents Freedom.

Now it is very clear.

If you want to continue to fight for Freedom and the American way you must vote for Trump.


Post Script
I believe everyone’s vote is set in stone already for 2020.
Not even our own media can affect it, let alone Russian interference.

People already know they are going to vote for Trump or vote for the Democrat.

The 2020 election is all about turn out.


Mueller failed to identify a single case of something he wasn’t looking into and would be hard to prove, shocking. If Russia’s involvement was so inconsequential why did Trump bring up Wikileaks releasing hacked emails again, and again, and again?

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Because it was Seth Rich who gave Wikileaks the emails not Russians!

This site is getting more and more like pure propaganda. It’s sad.

I was just thinking this. I need to lose interest in politics.

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Nah just a few posters spamming it, set it to ignore and mute those threads, make it much more pleasant.

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“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” - John Lennon

Wait…that’s not right. What the… :flushed:

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People should read the part of Section one of the Mueller Report about Russian interference and what they were able to get American citizens to do just by asking them.

It is really fascinating.

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Absolutely! Seconded!!!

The Mueller indictments make it absolutely clear how the emails were hacked. There is no reason to reprise a discredited conspiracy theory.

You have redefined Russian interference to suit your own purposes.

Just to give one example: one of the largest targets of Russian generated advertising was promoting Jill Stein in Wisconsin. Jill Stein had one of her best state showings in Wisconsin and gathered enough votes to determine the margin of victory for Trump.

There is every reason to believe that Russian propaganda influenced voting for Jill Stein.

Its an interesting point of view… that The Beatles were the key to winning the Cold War. Time was that Republicans tended to credit Reagan but I sort of like the idea of Ringo Starr as the most potent world leader of the second half of the twentieth century. Has a nice ring to it.

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But the Ukraine girls really knocked them out and the Moscow girls made them sing and shout.

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This really gives Revolution 9 a new meaning and import in world history. :wink:

Why am I hearing…back in the US, back in the US…back in the USSR? :sunglasses:

That Georgia was always on their mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi mind

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no i havnt, i was born in brooklyn ny, lived my whole life in new jersey,
my dad’s family came from england to america in the 1600’s.

It’s the way you post. And also what you post. But also the way you post.

“Get Back” was the clarion cry to reestablish the Czarist regime!

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It is obvious you are not a Russian… though I see great reason to believe you were born in Kenya. How about showing us birth certificate.