Russian Interference in 2020 Elections

What’s so funny?

Setting up the excuse so soon?



I suspect those cat videos are behind it all.

I don’t think anyone colluded with Russia, their goal isn’t to elect anyone one person or party.

Yep. I find Podesta clicking the link and Mean Girls on Facebook funny.

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You think I’m setting up an excuse for Trump losing the election?
Happy 4-20

But they did have a preference.

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Mueller and the dems are going to spank you for that.

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In Canada we have found Russia pushing alt-right and alt-left propaganda on facebook,twitter, etc.

Their goal is to disrupt and destory bipartisanship making it harder for government to combat them on geopolitical field.

Putin won.

“Destroy the concept of bipartisanship”

Yes, a house divided can not stand.

when people are two busy fighting with each-other it allow countries like Russia, China, etc to operate without international pressure.

Not even on the tiger map in the private dacha?

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No, for when he wins.

It would be funny how Putin played us if I didn’t live in the US and didn’t want the US to win.

I bet dudes in other countries laugh their asses off at how we were so easily manipulated (after decades of our military dominance).

Yep. His goal was us at full employment, not bogged down in some ■■■■ hole war, securing the border.

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This isn’t really a joking matter. Did you read the Mueller report? Over 29 million people saw those ads, and they were retweeted by Don Jr, Eric Trump, KellyAnn and Fat Donald himself. The Trump campaign actually helped the Russian fake accounts coordinate rallies and marches. It wasn’t an innocuous facebook campaign

this video show the decline of bipartisanship in Congress from the 1950s.

That isn’t a logical response to my post… or yours.