Russian Interference in 2020 Elections

Since Obama didn’t address it and Trump colluded, is it safe to assume they will do it again?

I’ve noticed a lot of videos on youtube seem to be Russian-made. The “Like A Boss” series for example. I really like them. Am I being influenced for my vote by images of Japanese girls on skateboards and people jumping over cars?


You’re definitely being influenced, especially if it’s disguised as entertainment on YouTube. Anything made by a Russian has ties to Putin.

It doesn’t even need to originate in Russia.

I was thinking kitten videos would be a great place as well to see the influence of russia.

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Shuffle dancing to Elvis Presley singing His Latest Flame has me wanting to vote for AOC.

There even maybe a secret maskirovka unit working in deep undercover in three counties Texas. Watch for the signs.

It’s safe to assume they’ll be more careful about it.

They are going to do it again. Twitter, Facebook and Google are taking steps to try to lessen the affect of bots and social manipulation…but programmers can create new techniques just as fast as old techniques stop working.

Obama did address it, albeit, very weakly. And it’s very safe to assume they do it again. They’ve probably already started.

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Yes. And subliminally you are being conditioned to desire a mail-order bride as well. Tread with caution.



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Russia launches a coordinated hacking attack on our elections are Trump worshipers find it amusing. What a world we live in.



What is amusing is libs pretending this has NEVER happened before Trump.

DIdn’t see them running around with their hair on fire in the past when it has happened.


You will see a lot of videos on twitter, facebook, etc.

their goal isn’t to elect anyone one party or person but to destroy the concept of bipartisanship.

I suspect a lot of the birther movement was supported by Russia.

I don’t want a Japanese girl on a skateboard. How about an American girl on a quarter horse?



They may very well promote anyone but Trump this time, just to promote disruption

Based on what? Are you saying Hildawg’s campaign colluded?