Russia defaults!

The warmonger sacks of ■■■■ have defaulted on their debt.


I am sure the Communist regime’s apologists will be here right quick to explain it all away.


As for me, all I have to say is ■■■■ YOU Putin, you started a war of aggression, have engaged in brutal behavior and now your economy is officially in the toilet.


May Russia, Putin and those who have died in the course of engaging in aggressive war rot in hell.


I hate to break your bubble, any default artificial because Russia has the money to pay its debts. NATO, EU, US sanctions have frozen its foreign currency reserves held abroad.

What is funny about the 14th BRICS Summit went well and that block of partners will shine. NATO EU US will be patting each other on their frail backs.

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The billions that NATO EU US is giving Zskyy will be like urinating in the wind.

I am well aware of that. But Russia made its own bed, they can’t pay in rubles, so they are ■■■■■■■

No sympathy from me.

I don’t support that policy, but I oppose Russia’s war of aggression far more.

There is nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal.

It was facilitated by the westerners. NATO EU US were the room attendants who made up the bed… Russia will probably deal with Brazil, India, China, South Africa, Venezuela, (and Turkey) along with a host of other countries.

How you feel about Venezuela opening up their country to Russian military?

Depends on what animal is wounded.

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I am guessing that you don’t understand securities trading and alternate payment methods. Right now the trading values of those Russian Bonds are falling like a rock. They will be mark to market valued at pennies on the dollar. They are still for sale on the secondary market. Western financial houses have these bonds on their balance sheets, which means they are going to have to mark down their assets market values when the market opens tomorrow. Many will choose to cut their losses and sell for pennies on the dollar to par value. Don’t be surprised when Chinese, and other nations buy up those bonds for the now steeply discounted prices to par value. They are already breaking sanctions, and will work out a deal with Russia for direct payment of the debt service on the bonds in a currency other than dollars, in commodities, or through debt swaps. In the end the Western financial houses take the loss and Russia keeps right on moving. And it seems we are doing the same fools play with Russian Gold Bullion. Russia has the physical gold, and the nations refusing to honor the sanctions will be more than happy to take debt service on the Russian debt in Gold.

So tell me again how this is so brilliant and the West is taking it to Putin.


Wow, so misinformed, This won’t hurt Russia. Not so great for our reserve status.

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How about bears?

Just like the ruble collapse, then what happened.


Are we all prepared to lose reserve currency status? Going to be so much fun? Anyone have a good rat recipe?


Do we have any idea how much gold Russia has? Is running out their supply feasible, or even possible?

Russia has commodities, we have financial institutions, one creates wealth, one moves it around. Our navy props up the dollar but it all hinges on reserve currency status. Biden pissed that away. Would you bank with a bank that would seize your assets over political differences? Course not. We have been functioning as the world bank, then we started arbitrarily seizing accounts, that doesn’t fly.

Surprised me India threw in with Russia and China, must have “surprised” intelligence as well. Or not, see seizing accounts, they probably aren’t so clean either and fear they are next if they tie their rising boat to our sinking one.

Get solar and start farming. What I am doing. Don’t forget the iodine tablets.

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Interesting, but that didn’t answer mu question

They are a producer of gold. Apparently they export over 12 Billion in bullion form every year. So they have Oil, Natural Gas, and Gold as exported commodities. The Soviet Union had to settle trade with the West in commodities, because no one would take the Soviet Ruble. They have decades of experience dealing with no access to Western banking and dollar denominated trade.

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Short answer, they create wealth from mining and extraction instead of printing it and financial chicanery like we do because we have the best navy.

note until china catches us and we are no longer reserve currency, hope you like beans

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Hmmm, interesting. I figured you would know this isn’t to United States advantage.

In long term this is going to hurt the dollar…and our own interest more then Russia.

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