Rush Limbaugh diagnosed with lung cancer

Terrible news. Wish him well. There have been some good advancements in lung cancer treatment lately.


That was very kind. So often on this forum all I see is ugliness. Thanks for being a light.

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Hope he gets every avenue of help he possibly can. Lung cancer sounds absolutely horrible.

I have listened to him nearly every day for many many years. I like listening to all sides. A diagnosis like this has to have been a gut punch to him and his family.


Very sorry to hear this. :frowning:

May he experience the best in treatment and pain management as well as being surrounded by loved ones.

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Let us all hope for a complete and speedy recovery.


Your better than I Lucy. I’m a con and I cant take him or judge judy more than about 10 minutes!
I do wish him the best though. I’m sure he has great medical coverage and can afford the best doctors.


Does “advanced” translate into metastasized?

That’s usually what it means. It means past Stage 1 for sure.

Then that is indeed bad.

My Father and MIL both pased from lung cancer.

Good luck, Rush.

I hope you have an epiphany or two soon, it’s not too late.

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Pretty sure.

Cancer is a nightmare I wouldn’t wish on my worse enemy, and lung cancer is a particular fear of mine, as I smoked cigarettes for nearly 20 years until I quit a year ago.

Mr. Limbaugh is in my thoughts.

I do marvel at his talent.

He was famously in Cigar Aficionado Magazine way back in 1994.

Thoughts and prayers.

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Yikes. I smoked in my 20s and 30s and this is one of my worst fears. I hope he recovers and the treatment isn’t too awful.

I believe its stage 4.

I have 2 lung cancer survivors in my family. For both of them, it was found before there were symptoms, and before it had spread. Both cases were found by accident, while being evaluated for other symptoms.

All it took was surgical removal of a lung lobe, and no other treatment. It’s virtually the only way to survive it.

Although I have heard lately that new treatments are promising.

■■■■ cancer.