Running mates- suggestions

One of these Democrat candidates will win the nomination.
Who will be the best running mates for each of them?
Here are my suggestions.

Bernie Sanders. He needs a young woman- Tulsi Gabbard.

Mayor Pete. - He needs old and Black - Louis Farrakhan

Joe Biden - Young and female - Kamala Harris.

Elizabeth Warren - Young and male - Mayor Pete

Any other suggestions?

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:face_vomiting: :rofl:

I sense… fear, panic and desperation. :sunglasses:


Liberals always sense that. Fear is the major factor in their thinking.
Liberals are physical cowards and it overflows in their politics.


My best suggestion is to fold, take your losses and stop wasting $ that can be better appropriated for more beneficial ventures. Take for example the liberal cities around the nation, they could apply that money to feed and house the homeless or to help the victims of violent crimes that are the DIRECT results of their failed policies.


I suggest Bloomberg find a tractor his size and learn how to plant corn. lol


Can you see the “Deere in the headlights” look? :sunglasses:


Tulsi Gabbard will never be on the Democratic ticket. She is far too frequently praised in Russian news media and she clearly is the Kremlin’s fill-in for Jill Stein.

Kamala Harris would appeal to Sanders on several counts, her one shortcoming is that a candidate from the Midwest (where the election will be decided) might be more valuable to his campaign.

Broadbrushing perhaps?

This goes into my top ten posts of the year!


They need a destitute, mixed hispanic , black, asian, native American transsexual hermaphrodite who identifies as a lesbian/gay man depending on which side of the bed they get out of in the morning.

From Ohio.


Yeah, taking a cue from broad brushing liberals!

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“He started it”

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Trump should dump Pence and run with Don Jr. Then, in 2024, Don Jr. can just take over without all the fuss of an election.


So now that a conservative has called all liberals cowards and another conservative has accused liberals of calling all conservatives cowards, would you like to engage in a serious discussion of is name calling all we can get on a Sunday morning?

Why… :rofl:…Ohio?

Gotta give them what they want.

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Wouldn’t that be true of anyone trying to win an election. Donald Trump is very effectively focused on giving his base what they want… and why shouldn’t he be?

If this imaginary person wins, I may find myself…yelling at the sky? :rofl: :sunglasses: