Rudy's NY law license suspended

Look- even Murdoch can’t sugarcoat this one.

From America’s Mayor to disgraced, suspended attorney.



I like this one better.

Great scoop!

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democrats weaponized with govt



You think lawyers should be able to lie to courts and expect no punishment?

This is where Trumpism takes you.



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I would be better with this if the focus was on the actual false statements and why they were so egregious. They are buried in the story and not clear what was false vs embellished.

FWIW…I did not care for how Rudy conducted himself post election either.

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So democrats suspended the law license of Trump’s lawyer during an investigation? And y’all act like everybody didn’t see this coming?

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They forgot to include some examples of statements that were proven false. That would have been helpful.


Stupidly written and made decision.

We feel like what he said was false.

It was

It’s not a reason to suspend him pending investigation.

It’s a reason to investigate.

You mean the post did?

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Also said that he lied to the Public. It’s a ridiculous decision.

What is the specific allegation? I can’t find it.

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Rudy bet it all(his legacy, his life, his career, his dignity) on orange. :rofl:

What was the lie?

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I linked ya their decision. It’s in there

“trumpism” exists because of this kind of corrupt nonsense

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I still have not seen the specific quote the democrats are citing. I’m a little ADD. Can you copy and paste it if you find it?

It’s under the heading statements made.

They should have never suspended him

Decision isn’t that long

You like disclosure. It’s disclosed.

Sorry didn’t mean to be rude let me see if i can paste it

I couldn’t find it. Can you paste the example you found? Thanks.