Roseanne Barr going racist


Do you, because you are white, represent the entire white race? If not, why would someone saying the white race has oppressed black people offend you?

Who is blaming flameheart for slaving owner? Not this liberal.

However I will blame flameheart for staying silent on race issues or further perpetuating bigoted or racist acts.


The implication being that performing the act that brought about the violence was right?

Sure, it would amount to two stupid acts, but lets not act like the impetus wasnt what it was, okay.


As it’s been explained numerous times, because it’s historically been used as an insult to disparage blacks as lesser than. Regardless of what evolutionary theory says, calling blacks apes is used as a racist insult with a very specific and hateful reason.


Oh believe me, I don’t perpetuate racism. I’m not a racist. I call it when I see it. Now you are just jumping to conclusions. Purpngold is racist for valuing a black person over a white person simply because they are black, and perpetuating the division between people of different races


You’re not saying anything other than to show your sensitivity whenever anyone disagrees with or corrects you. Good grief, girl.


like the Freddie Gray violence… started by those racists… those black, hispanic, and white cops.

Uh huh.


No, like the post we were referring to.


Hey Peek, do these people look like apes to you?


You clearly haven’t seen all of my posts. I do back off when someone corrects me. If it’s a troll, or multiple people, clearly trying to intimidate the other side, I will call it out. Because it’s funny that you have to resort to that.


What a weird hypothetical… I don’t value one race over another. I value diversity of race, thought, experience etc.

However just because I don’t value one race over another, doesn’t mean I can’t fight racism against black people.


Let me point out one example. You are a part of an ideology that supports a Marxist solution to the racism/sexism problem- giving people of color or the female gender positions over white males simply because of their gender or race.


fine people there.


^that is racism. Valuing one race over the other because, race.


Do you get that your posts aren’t making any sense?


This is not racism! Lol!


And now you are ignoring racism. How hypocritical. The right thing to do would be to promote them on achievements, regardless of race or sex. But to do it because they are of the “oppressed” race, and have that be a factor, is racist, and facilitates racism from within by setting a precedent.


You don’t know what racism is.


Actually you are right I do support that. For one, affirmative action isn’t the answer. AA actually benefits white females more that black males or females.

I am for a level playing field. White people started at the 75m line while black people were still in the locker room. I am for equalizing that gap as much as possible. AA isn’t the only answer, its not even a very good one now… however it is an important step.

I am not for simply giving black people a position over a white person that is completely unqualified. However if they are tied, I am all for giving it to the black person.

if I was in medical research and I had to research brain cancer over heart disease. Just because I want brain cancer to be promoted more, doesn’t mean I think heart disease is less important.


No it doesn’t. You don’t know what affirmative action is…


Sure sure, but then why did you say this:

You’re not talking about individuals in the second quote. You’re ascribing a behavior to a whole group that you’ve defined by their skin color.