Roseanne Barr going racist


Darlene is the new show. Barr’s out!


You are fired! (ABC Exec Channing Dungey)


it’s called a red herring.
of course it’s a factual statement. that is what distinguishes a red herring from a strawman.


This again? Even MarkyS gave up on that one.


Here… try some fermented duck poop. No really… it’s good this time. Just try it before you criticize it.


Thanks for nothing.


White guilt and Europhilia.


I just want to say what a great state Texas is and what great people Texans are - at least the ones I’ve met in person. I always enjoyed the company of the IT fellows from Dallas and Houston.

I just wish some people in this forum would stop trying to find problems where there are none.

See you in another thread. I’m done with this one.



My side!


They are Silicon Valley refugees, not Texans.


And another deplorable done gone racist, comparing Obama to Curious George cartoon monkey.


would it be OK to refer to a black man as some other animal? Would that be OK?

Like here. A white man is called a lion.


My dad once told me that I had eagle eyes. Should I have been offended?


If we call a person a dove, should we be admonished?


Its a light touch thats for sure because I can still see absolute garbage that should have been taken out. I’m still working on a chrome extension to mute selected users that annoy the ever living piss out of me. Hope to have that done this week.


Have you looked under your bed?


In it.
… .


What was in his heart?


Before you go through all of Gods creations stop and think of something called intent.