'Rona Back to School

NBC talked to 5 pediatricians with children to ask if they would send their own children.

Good article.

I think the answer surprised them. I saw the unedited version below on Fox earlier. Obviously this one has been looped. The host only said it once.

Propaganda works.

Obviously the pediatricians meant they would send their kids back to school if charter schools were closed and the police are defunded.



listen to the experts…

the people with degrees…

the state dept

That look you get when they all said yes.


The look on the anchor’s face…

I will give NBC credit for airing it anyway.

I don’t believe CNN would have.

Most if not all schools are providing the option of online curriculum. Kids with underlying health conditions would have the opportunity to stay home. Parents with the same, could have their children on online curriculum until spikes are down or vaccines become an option. I understand Moderna has had a very successful first phase…we’ll see.

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I have not spoken too much about Coronavirus. Been ignoring it frankly, both on this board and in real life.

If you have good levels of Vitamin C and D in your system and you are in reasonably good health, you have little to fear. Most kids have even less to fear. Unless they have a condition that medical contraindicates a return to school, they should go back, providing they drink plenty of milk and orange juice and do what they are told by their teachers regarding classroom safety.

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Must be nice to have the option.

That is why I live out in the boondocks. :smile:

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Thanks for speaking up. I don’t always agree with you, I do always value your opinion.

Does the milk and orange juice prevent them from transmitting the virus or something? Kids are disgusting little monsters that spread contagion even when there isn’t a pandemic we’re failing terribly at on.



Absolutely priceless. :rofl:


“They all said yes.”


I agree kids are hardly the cleanest sorts.

Which is WHY they should be drinking healthy. Can’t stop the kids from being little ■■■■■■ It is possible to boost their immune systems. If they DO bring the kids back to school, that will help at least. Obviously it won’t help with EXPOSURE, but it will help with resistance.

If the experts think it is prudent to open, then we can give it a try. Now I can see where opening school districts in places like New York City might be problematic and I think the population density of the area might be a good factor to consider as to whether to open a school district.

Who is that guy?

Lester Holt wouldn’t have done that.

Yep, that’s why your video had that acknowledged edit at the end, and why GWH edited a screen shot of it to say “plandemic”, a nod to troofer conspiracy theory video.

You both ate it right up.


Well now, boohoo. I’ll be sure to clear all my posts with you before hitting reply.

I’m not upset. I was agreeing with Sneaky and supporting it with proof in this very thread. No one needs my permission to either post propaganda or be susceptible to it.


So no funny bone, huh?