Ron Reagan is a Disgrace!

He gives the term “Love your enemies” a new meaning…

He loves his Father’s enemies, trashes his Father’s memory, legacy, kindness, wit, & basically his life.
Ron loves his own enemies…the people who USE him to trash his Father, the people who hate his Father & all he stood for, & the people who deceive him. He loves the spirits who war against his soul. He goes on TV to say he is not afraid of burning Hell in behalf of people who also war against his soul the “freedom from religion foundation”, that aired, no shocker, during the democratic party debate.

He may not fear Hell, he may be a proud atheist, but he disgraces his Father’s name, it makes one wonder if he has a Napoleon Complex feeling unable to ever become half the man his Father was, or live up to the level of his own name. He seems to hate his Father, he certainly hates everything he stood for.

He has gone the total opposite of his Father’s wishes & greatness, he has done the opposite of greatness, like Fame is the opposite of Infamy. His life now IS Infamy. It’s like he’s a rebel child who never grew up or learned he could be his own man without living up to some picture in his mind he somehow should have lived up to & make his own kind of greatness, rather becoming pitiful, anemic, & little more than an arrogant pencil neck, unworthy of his last name, or to even carry the shoes of the most humble of persons.

I doubt he can see past his nose so high in the air he could drown if standing in the rain. He doesn’t think he’s right, he KNOWS he’s right, to quote his Father: “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

Dear Ron, grow up, get over yourself, get a life, appreciate what you have including the legacy. Your so-called friends don’t love you, they prod you to harm yourself.

Ronald reagan would have been a rino nowadays


Ronald Reagan would be too liberal for today’s GOP.

He would be a RINO.

God bless you, Ron Jr. :us:


I sense a lot of hate of Ron Jr. in the OP.

I would like the believe president Reagan would have been willing to let his son follow his own path. Why are you not willing to do the same?


Baloney. He was the man of his time, & will always be remembered as one of the greatest Presidents of all time.

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What does he have in common with trump

I don’t hate anyone. I see Ron as a pathetic figure and a disappointment to himself & everyone who would wish him well, unlike his fake friends using him. I don’t think he would have appreciated Ron demeaning him and his legacy at all. He probably would still love him, but would see him as gravely erring & deceived.

Nice try at deflection.

I read your OP, it wasn’t a love letter. Perhaps you should reread what you wrote.

Ron Reagan has not demeaned his father, or his father’s legacy.

You can say you don’t “hate” - but your OP is here for all to see, triggered only by a TV ad that upset you.

You do realize there was very little relationship between hr and sr.

My sister and my father, who died a little more than a year ago, did not get along…while my dad was my rock. I know my dad said things. Hurtful things to her and about her.

I don’t get upset when she talks badly about him…i know her feelings are real…and that one day her hurt will pass. Jr. And Sr.were worlds apart politically…so get over yourself…

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I regularly debate & give scathing opinions here, & oppose much of the left on this forum, but I do not hate any of them. Never have, even when the few times I became angry.

Do you hate me because we disagree?

Everyone who doesn’t support Trump is a disgrace.

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I gave my opinion of Ron & still consider it true. I don’t need to get over myself, but I do believe Ron needs to get over himself as stated in the OP. But hey, you can think what you like too…

Funny the adopted son embraced & appreciated what his Father did, much to his credit.

Nice try at deflection & changing the subject.

Settle down everyone. Rush was mocking this guy today. That was this thread’s Origin Story.


Isn’t the other Reagan son a right-wing, religious wacko?

Its because he did a TV ad for some atheist foundation, and it went viral.

Michael Reagan?


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