Ron Reagan is a Disgrace!

What’s your opinion based on?..what did Ron say or do to upset you.

So what you are telling us is that you like Ron Jr?

You call Ron Jr an arrogant pencil neck and you think that doesn’t sound hateful?

Ron Jr. is cool. Eat your jellybeans!


He said mean things about religion! He’s an arrogant poopy head and a disgrace who suffers from Napolean Complex where you totally hate your father (or is that compensating for being short I can’t remember man psychology is hard wait I’m losing my train of thought) so he’s like a life that lives in total infamy like Pearl Harbor and pitifully anemic omg eat a steak already!

(But hey - totally not upset with the guy. Do whatever you like, loser)

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New definition of disgrace - somebody who doesn’t worship god.

@Ceasar Your rant about “he could have grown up to be his own man” juxtaposed with your bitching that he should have been more like his father (I’m assuming you’re talking about his mortal father even though you capitalized it) and “he’s unworthy of his last name” is quite the contradiction.

I lost count. Did more people in Reagan’s Administration go to jail or trump’s? Hmm.

It was perfect. Beautiful.

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Most recent survey of the 45 presidents

13 Reagan
15 clinton
17 obama
21 hw Bush
33 w Bush
42 trump

So Reagan just slightly ahead of Clinton and Obama in the upper tier of presidents.


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On what basis can you claim that he is “a disappointment to himself”?

You do realize that “being his own man” but making sure he doesn’t “diminish his father’s legacy” is a logically incoherent position to hold don’t you?

An overrated president.

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There was a time when no GOP politician or pundit could go 30 seconds without mentioning their Reagan cred. Oddly enough that stopped around the time Donald became the Republican leader and figurehead.

That’s when Republicans were a political party, now they’re a cult.

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