Roe V. Wade Overturned?

With a new Supreme Court Justice about to be appointed by Trump, it is very possible that Roe V. Wade could be overturned and theoretically the decision of how to handle abortion would return to a state by state decision. With abortion outlawed in some states, its likely that women would cross to Left leaning states to get abortions. It would also lead to the potential for serious legal penalties for having an abortion, legal or otherwise.

How do folks feel about this?

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Just for clarity, Roe v. Wade hasn’t been the controlling precedent on abortion for thirty years, Planned Parenthood v. Casey is and Kennedy was the swing vote on that case.

Prefer women weigh in on this mostly.

It’ll be returned to the states. Some states will outlaw abortion, others will not.

Hahahahaha no it won’t.

You know that before Kennedy and O’Connor switched votes Scalia had fully written his opinion nationally banning abortion right?

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People are preparing for that eventuality, should it occur. A transportation network will be needed to get women from places like Alabama, Mississippi and Texas to the nearest abortion State.

Fortunately, Florida has a provision in its Constitution that will stop the legislature from implementing an abortion ban.

What about transgendered?

You think they’ll go that far?

men can’t have an opinion on this.

Here’s mine…It won’t be overturned. I have said it a thousand times. No one has the stones to overturn it. especially with three liberal women on the court. Even if Trump appointed a firm pro lifer and it got passed confirmation, I don’t think the other 7 would overturn.

It is officially the law of the land and I don’t see it being overturned. Just my opinion.

is that like having only people who have been shot to weigh in on gun rights? or having only people who have suffered at the hands of illegal immigrants weigh in on the border?

Roberts is a wild card but the other four? ■■■■ yeah. They all worship Scalia.

Well that won’t end well politically.

I’m pro-life but I’m savvy enough to understand that you don’t do the movement any good if you intentionally piss off half of the country. There is nothing more polarizing than abortion.

Yes they can.

Banning abortion is the third rail for conservatives just as banning guns is the third rail for liberals.

Biggest difference seems to be that banning abortion seems to have much more support.

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They were gonna do it in the 80s when it was the biggest political issue in the country. I dunno where you live that conservatives won’t jump for joy because it’s liberal tears or whatver.

He didn’t say “only”.

I think the Justices will stop short of overturning Planned Parenthood v Casey, though they will likely find a looser standard than the “undue burden.”

They may decide they don’t want to hand Republicans the rope to hang themselves with.

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I prefer grassroots. Changing the country’s opinion slowly over time.

Having the court slap down a ruling won’t fix anything in the long run.

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It’s the only way it will ever happen. Pro choice support has literally never been higher.

I have been noticing a trend with this court desiring to return certain social and political issues to the states for them to make their decisions on. My spidey sense is telling me the court wants to devolve central control to a point where it once was… within reason.

Now with that said, will the court punt the ball back to the individual states? I think so, eventually. Now, will some states outlaw abortion entirely? Yea, very, very few will, just as very, very few will allow unfettered abortion. Most will choose a middle ground.