Robert Francis O'Rourke 1 point behind Rafael Bienvenido Cruz in Texas

Beto done snuck up on Ted. Raised more money too. I’m assuming we’re about to see the RNC break the emergency glass and start airlifting Ted some of that Elliot Broidy, Steve Wynn, and Michael Cohen raised donor money.

You see, Texas is deep red. This should not be close. Hell, I just had to google to double check to see if it was a governor vote year too and there is. Hadn’t even heard about it. Looks to be such a blowout it’s not even worth worrying about. As it should be for Ted.

Ted’s main problem is that he is Ted Cruz, and Beto appears to not be Ted Cruz.

Nobody likes Ted Cruz.


Texas Democrats have to make sure to relay this information to their social circles. There is always a point to voting, but this could move the more unmotivated to the polls.

I donated to Beto’s campaign (I live in CA) two weeks ago.


Of course, but what is really going to matter is whether the Republican voters decide whether Ted is worth saving or not.

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Air support, all the way from CA! Bless you. :rofl:

Ted will win by about 5-8 points. He should win by 15 but the demographics are changing, Trump is in office and Ted is an unlikeable man.

This is an online poll of registered, not likely voters. Plus the sample is only 550.

In other words, high margin of error is likely with such polls. Not saying Cruz doesn’t have a fight on his hands because he does, but I wouldn’t get too excited about an online poll of registered voters.

I think @Orygun prediction will probably end up being right in the end.

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Awww, let em wish in one hand…

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It’s kind of funny this is posted as actual fact. Even the most accurate of polls can be in error.

As I said, I don’t doubt Cruz is going to have to work hard to be reelected. He will benefit from Greg Abbott’s coat tails, as he’s far more popular than Cruz is.

And it’s still Texas.

Russian! Stop trying to influence our elections!


Texas isn’t as red as you think. Trump won Texas by 9.6% A comfortable margin but much less than in some deeper red states.

It’s Cruz’ fault. Not any favoring of the other clown.

As I said in the other thread Cruz will likely win, but he does have a real likability and credibility problem. The thought of voting for him feels gross.

I think people are delusional if they think Texas goes blue this year. But it’ll be solid blue in 10.

I seriously doubt it. However, election night draws near.

Isn’t that the equivalent of Russian interference?

I always hated that stupid song and everything else they did.

You don’t like being made into a caricature by your representatives?

No, and I can’t stand Alabama the group.

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