RNC sends fake census mailings

Well goodness gravy, the RNC is at it again. The party of law and order is out to scam people again by disguising their mailings in language that could confuse people into thinking it is an official census document.

Earlier attempts include something like this.


Well i guess if you can get away with breaking the law by falsifying national weather charts, you can do this.

Free speech a problem for you?

Scams are a problem for me yes. In before deflection time.

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It’s not a fake census document.

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Speaking of scams

The document started landing in mailboxes in Berks, Bucks and Montgomery counties, according to KYW-1060 AM, and the office of U.S. Rep. Madeleine Dean, D-4th District, who sent constituents an email warning them to be on the lookout for it.

See if you can spot the actual legal problem in that article. I am giving you a subtle hint.

Very divisive position you’re taking.

The only legal problem in the article was the census bureau not owning the word census but again, a representative can send out messages to warn people so they are not confused.
“I can’t stress enough the importance of having everyone included in the official 2020 U.S. Census,” Dean said. “It is disturbing to see an organization taking advantage of this important work, and causing confusion, and my office has partnered with the U.S. Census Bureau to help ensure they get the most accurate count possible — it’s an enormous impact on services, representation, and dollars coming to our district and to our state.”

Divisiveness is the norm.

Please, she is using her office and public funds to electioneer. Why do they need to be warned? Your goal here is to come up with a reason that doesn’t have to do with beating the opposition party.


She isnt electioneering lol. I knew you would pull a whataboutery but making sure people know this isnt an official document. :grinning: i dont think ill be taking my goals from you thanks

Maybe it’s just me but the address on the return envelope seems to make it pretty clear. Unless you think the RNC is running the government census. In which case, you are probably too stupid to make it to the polls.

Oh and I could care less if you agree, I will however be calling it to the attention of authorities. Because, using the word census in a mailer is not illegal but using your office to campaign is.

I agree. Why is the RNC doing this?

Doing what? Using the word census? Probably because there is no earthly reason not to.

I got one of these in Ohio, I would look at it to see exactly what it said since the OP article declined to post it, but it’s gone off on a garbage truck, which would not be the case if I was stupid enough to think it was the US census.

The reason why they’re doing it isn’t difficult to understand. It’s to trick people into opening it, rather than just throwing it out.

It’s not illegal, but it’s silly to pretend that you can’t see that fact.

It clearly states it was commissioned by the Republican party in large print on the third line of the first paragraph on the first page. And yes it’s kind of underhanded but its not illegal. Democrats use the same sort of tricks.

from Did GOP Send Out a 'Fake Census' Asking for Campaign Donations?

It is true that isn’t the first time a political party has sent out a fundraising mailer disguised as a survey. In 2018, the Democratic party attracted negative attention for mailing a survey that was really a fundraiser. The practice is so common, the Baltimore Sun reported, that there’s a name for it: Fund-Raising Under the Guise of Research, or FRUGing.

Sure. By the time someone gets to the third paragraph, they already opened the envelop, rather than throwing it in the trash unopened, like most political mailings.

Third line, not paragraph.

Someone should sue them for damages for being duped into opening an envelope. I wonder what damage award they would get. By the way, anyone have a link to photo’s of the envelope so we can examine it? Like I said, I threw mine away.