Rittenhouse - "I Support BLM"

Rittenhouse had an exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson (hiss!-snap! yeah yeah, I know…) last night. He had a lot of interesting things to say. I’m very disappointed in that Lin Wood guy. Oh well, another public service from Kyle. lol

This whole time, the racists on the left were pushing away yet another ally in the support for criminal justice reform (because of his skin color). Could’ve had a Platinum Plan by now. :man_shrugging:

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He listened to the name…black lives matter and all of us support that. Now consider that more black lives were lost in one city, than every single one that died at the hands of a police officer, across the entire nation…so where is BLM? BLM is not about black lives. It’s about perpetuating the lie of racism and hate…period and I stand against that. When Kyle grows up, he will too but I understand his uneducated, immature sentiment.


About that lin wood thing. I know he represented Nick Sandmann and I know that Hannity just seems to love the guy, but what is up with him (wood)?

breitbart is crowing about how they pegged him as some kind of untrustworthy dimocrat plant back in December/January, and that he was hurting the cause in the GA Senate runoffs, while simultaneously declaring some kind of insider status in the trump election fraud fight…and now this revelation.

Is he or isn’t he??

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He did go on to say (basically this) “but I don’t support burning and rioting…I support peaceful protests and the need for change…”


Three generations and counting of white families teaching their kids the truth that racism is disgusting. Notice how there’s no stipulations, like racism against this minority or that minority. No, just racism is disgusting, and racists are ignorant people best avoided.

Black lives absolutely matter, just like all of us.

I support criminal justice reform.

I support things like the Platinum Plan.

I don’t support racists.

I don’t support hustlers.

I don’t support snake oil salesman.

I don’t support corrupt money launderers posing as local politicians.

I don’t support leeches who are never satiated with their overflowing palms.

Three generations, and counting.


Lin Wood is a scumbag IMO.

Opportunist that is looking to make $$ first and a D operative as a close second.

There was only negative propaganda reasons for keeping Kyle in jail past election day.


He was pretty clear at drawing a hard stop at peaceful.


Yep, peaceful. The kinds of protests that gain support rather than chase it away. Crazy sauce, huh? :thinking:


Kyle gain my respect here.

  • tell off biden
  • tell off lin wood
  • support blm

it looks like both sides were wrong about Kyle.

I know the left side was wrong about everything as usual (and slanderous, as usual), but I never heard much from the right except that he acted in self-defense, which of course is a fact. :man_shrugging:


I am quite certain that every inch of Kyle’s background has been researched in detail for any evidence of support of racism or militia activity. Had anything been found, we would have heard of it long ago.




Yeah, impressive young kid. And he still wants to be a nurse…but also now thinking of studying law.

Which most of us here…libs and cons agreeing.

question for libs here…does this kid sound like a extremist…let alone a white supremacist?

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I wasn’t. Kid has a classic flyover country upbringing.

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Personally, I cared little about Kyle or his views except that he was obviously threatened and was acting in self defense.
If he could be railroaded then there would be no self defense.
The first time I turned on the trial I saw the prosecutor showing a video of an enraged Rosenbaum chasing Kyle down and thought “wait, that is supposed to be prosecution evidence”?

They don’t get it, had it been the reverse and Rosenbaum acted in self defense, we would have supported his acquittal despite his being the lowest pond scum imaginable.

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Rittenhouse was absolutely correct with this statement:


Now that is some strong koolaid.

OMG…a lib attempting to slip/slide away their position of ignorance that was fed to them years ago, that they totally swallowed and only now, are they beginning to see the light of truth.