Ridiculous Laws in Your States

What laws in your states of ridiculous, if any? Are they ridiculous by themselves? Or in the lack of means to enforce them?

One law in Massachusetts that is actually pretty reasonable can be found with a search of “correctible diplopia and driver’s license”. www.lowvision.preventblindness.org should have driver license standard by state.

In MA one with unresolvable diplopia (double vision) cannot be granted any driver’s license. One with correctible double vision can, but with the condition they wear “an eye patch or other suppressive device”.

That’s very reasonable, but how is in enforced? Haven’t found any restriction for it, unlike the common ‘B’, or corrective lens restriction.

It’s not a question asked in RMV (Registry of Motor Vehicle) offices or in traffic stops. IMO The relying on the “honor system” for enforcement makes it in need of fine tuning.

What if any laws in your states of residence need refined? Or repealed?

The Johnstown Flood Tax in Pennsylvania. It was enacted after Johnstown flooded in 1936 as a “temporary” tax to help the town rebuild. It’s an 18% tax on EVERY bottle of alcohol sold in the state-run stores.

Guess what? Us residents are still getting ■■■■■■ by this “temporary” tax- it now goes into the general fund. I think Johnstown’s been able to rebuild in the 80+ years this “temporary” tax has been in effect.

It’s why I don’t trust trust any politician on tax increases, especially under the guise of “temporary.”

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You’re right Mountain Soldier. 80+ years is way too long to continue a tax that was intended as “temporary” relief.

I’d like to add what’s especially ridiculous in Massachusetts RMV offices is 0% of us who go to renew in person, or get a first time license, are asked if we have double vision, correctible or otherwise.

OTOH, 100% of us are asked “Have you ever been a member of the opposite sex?” Any google of prism lens should have a percentage of those in the U S who have one.

Last I saw anything, they made up roughly 10% of all eyeglass prescriptions in the U S. What percentage of U S residents identify as transgender? 1-2%?

I sense I theme here…

NJ - liquor licenses restricted by town and population. Puts our down town areas at severe disadvantages. Terrible.

A few years ago a guy goes into a Mexican restaurant in the Virginia Beach area and orders some sangria. After being served he hands the restaurant a $500 citation. (He was an undercover ABC agent.). Turns out that in Virginia it’s illegal to sell an alcoholic beverage that mixes beer or wine with spirits. Sangria has wine and brandy mixed in. The state legislature quickly carved out an exception for sangria. They should’ve repealed the whole law, but baby steps I guess.

It’s illegal for a policewoman to wear lipstick in this state.

In a town of nearly 50K called Salina Kansas where I once lived. There is a city ordinance that specifically prohibited people from leaving their car unattended while running. The thought behind that was to reduce the number of vehicle thefts.

However in the extreme cold of the winter is often nice to be able to warm up the car whether using remote start or manually. Don’t do that in Salina, you will get a ticket guaranteed even if the car is in your own parking lot. If a police office drives down the street and see exhaust he/she will stop and put one on your windshield. Seen it happen many times.

In a lot of states, public urination can end up getting a fella registered as a sex offender.

So if you’re being responsible and hoofing it home from the bar at 2 A.M., make sure you use their bathroom first, or find a very, very shaded area.

If you’re homeless and no nearby establishments are open, of course, you’re screwed.

Of course, it all depends on the mood of the cop who spots you.

(Not a personal anecdote.) :slight_smile:

I don’t want to look it up, so may details my be off a bit, but one semester I volunteered for the public defenders office north of Denver, and a guy who stole some stuff from the nearby mall was charged with theft of trade secrets, rather than larceny or petty theft, all of which I found odd.

In Texas you are not allowed to milk another person’s cow without permission.

And public accommodation laws for the private sector.

Really? That is weird.

No one enforces it but it’s still on the books. Pennsylvania law is so old and confusing the Consolidated Statutes don’t even contain all the laws. There are laws that exist that they can’t find anymore.

Can your milk your neighbor’s wife without permission?

Personal anecdote on my way out of Dollar Tree last week, this kid had to be around 2 y o & mom pulled down his (I guess) training pants & he peed near a parked car.

OTOH I can see doing this as training pants are different from diapers & supposed to discourage going in the pants. On the other that’s kinda gross & there are half a dozen businesses mom could have asked on emergency basis to use their bathroom.

But registered sex offender status for anyone caught doing this?! That IS ridiculous.

I’m not certain it’s still on the books, but a few years ago someone looking through the statutes for such oddities discovered it was illegal here to get moose drunk.

A drunk moose sounds like the most terrifying animal in existence.

We have this same exact law here in Prince George’s County Maryland. From my understanding, during the winter people will start their cars to warm it up and then go back inside. Cars were getting stolen because of this. Car the theft is a thing here so this was put in place to curb things a little.

There is this one law I came across here in Maryland in which if it was truly enforced, more than half the state could be serving time. LOL!

Oral sex can not be given or received anywhere.

In Texas you cant buy liquor on a Sunday!!

In California we’re only allowed to purchase a oz of Cannabis a day.