Ridiculous Laws in Your States


Same in Colorado, which is stupid. All you have to do is go every day. We’re only supposed to have so much on hand (don’t remember how much), which is even stupider - if they come to my house I’m in trouble. :slight_smile:


We had that law in Colorado until a few years ago.


Dumb law and yet to see what justification it has


I think it was from old laws where Sunday is a “holy” day.


Obviously no one needs that much in a day, unless they are selling it to other states.

An ounce a day is still enough for people to easily resell to other states.


I was actually kidding but the fact remains that I can drive down to the liquor store and buy 20 kegs of beer and/or an entire car full of Jack. Who need more than 1 bottle of whiskey a day?


Well knock yourself out.


We have that here in NJ too. In fact, we’re not allowed to idle for more than 3 minutes whether you are in the car or not. The thing is, it’s not enforced.


I actually know s family whose dog goes absolutely berserk when someone opens a can of beer.

Turns out the dog managed to get a sip of someone’s mug & now craves it, getting drunk.


Even sillier is that in Lynchburg, Tennessee, where Jack is distilled, the powers at be have decided that nobody needs even one bottle of whiskey per day. :wink:


And unless they’ve changed their laws, they can distill it there but they only offer lemonade at the end of their tour not a taste, like you get with Coors, Budweiser, etc.


Fish may not be contained on fishbowls on a public bus. It is also apparently illegal to take a bite out of someone else’s hamburger. If I remember correctly, in New York, it is illegal to eat a hamburger while walking backwards.


As well it should be. :wink:


Damn! I was just thinking about driving over to the New York side of the line, then ordering a hamburger & doing the Moonwalk with it.

Say, how about drinking straws not being legal in California—a state where it is illegal in some parts to encourage homeless to leave and, in San Francisco, they’re doing everything from pooping in the streets to leaving used needles in the trains?:face_vomiting:


That’s a law in Texas too.


Sure you can.


Is it on a county basis?

That’s how it is here in Mississippi. Each county and town/city sets its liquor/beer laws.

The town I went to college in had it completely backwards. Liquor was legal but beer was illegal to sell.


Crazy laws right on my border.


Yes, but state law is liquor stores are closed. You have to go to a restaurant or bar.

You can buy wine or beer.


Until a decade ago, it was illegal to serve sangria in Virginia due to the illegality of mixing wine and spirits in the same vessel.

One day, in 2008, the Virginia alcohol board raised a popular Spanish tapas place called La Tasca in Alexandria, and, Eliot Ness style, dumped out a bunch of pre-mixed sangria and issued a citation.

Law was overturned soon thereafter.