Ridiculous Celebrities and Their Reliably Predictable Political Endorsememts. The Rock Goes biden/harris

Dwayne The Rock Johnson has officially endorsed the biden/harris ticket in 2020.


Has there ever been a more monolithic bloc of voters than the Hollywood crew?? A good amount of these idiots never even graduated high school, lead pampered lives surrounded by dozens of people catering to their every need on a daily basis, and have almost zero idea of what the day to day problems are for 99.9% of Americans, yet they use their celebrity to mindlessly influence others to conform to their brain dead brand of politics.

Ignore the coddled celebrities and join the Trump train for the greatest LANDSLIDE VICTORY you’ve ever seen.

I will note that I actually like The Rock and think he’s a genuinely nice person from everything I’ve seen or heard about him, but I now hope his new xfl venture goes bust for the third time.

Because he “endorsed” Biden?

That’s harsh.

Trump is a celebrity.

And a former television reality TV Star.


He stands to possibly make hundreds of millions from the deal. I see no reason to support him now, and I hope others feel the same.

Good guy though.

Dwayne Johnson is a stand up guy that has done TONS of work with the troops. Not the best example for your fauxrage OP.

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Never watched The Apprentice. If you say so.

Right now he’s our soon to be reelected President.

Speaking of actors that are gonna be president one day.


Good guy.

You have no idea what my OP is about.

Not in this universe.

The Rock? He’s like Schwarzenegger if he was born here.

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In an alternate reality he might actually run.

Never gonna happen on this plane of existence.

I can think of someone else who also has no idea what the problems are of 99.9% of Americans


Pretty elitist comment about high school dropouts. Much of Trump’s support is from the so-called uneducated.


I’ve known some very smart people that never finished high school.

What about biden’s supporters that are “so-called uneducated” ( your words not mine)??

No contradiction? Do I need to check my premises?

I would offer the latter is the reason to support him.

Wishing financial harm upon someone because of who they vote for is childish and vengeful.

Why not?

If Johnson ran for governor of Florida next cycle, he’d win by ten points minimum. He was on Miami’s national championship team, he was a pro wrestler (for the Panhandle vote), he’s one of the biggest actors on Earth with a hundred percent name ID and he is insanely charismatic.

He’s also very clearly preparing for politics for when he retires from acting.


Trump does better with those with less education than he does those with college degrees.

There we go!