Richard burr...what should he do?

So it looks like he sold off some stocks before the market crashed. Tucker Carlson demands he needs to have a good reason.

Burr is not the only one to do this …

Mind you he leaves it doesnt change the make up of the Senate.

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Its not illegal for Congressmen/woman to use privilege information when it comes to stock market.

Its not uncommon for them to buy stock in companies a few week before they are granted government contracts.

for the rest of us this is illegal called insider trading.

Here Is the other one

If he did it while lying to the public about the nature of the crisis that would be highly unethical

Is it in trump world?

It ought to be illegal and should bring the same penalty to congressmen and Senators. But what do our Noble rulers care about the peasants that serve them?

Is this what Trump and family were doing while he was insisting that a miracle was going to happen and Corona would be gone in week?


Haha. ■■■■ that guy.

I think D.C. runs on greed and a lust for powah. I think he has some serious explaining to do. The problem is that congress (both houses) has been engaged in insider trading for years. They may be reluctant to pursue this. Too many skeletons in too many closets. How do you think people earning $174,000 end up being worth tens of millions? We have to be united here. We can’t be all in an uproar over this and be perfectly fine with Joe Biden. A scam is a scam.

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Looks like inholfe did as well…how odd…

Who knows anymore. There’s been dire warnings for months now. I dont fault anyone for selling, provided they weren’t singing a different tune in the public

Why do you keep bringing up the past every time something happens now? It’s always, “but whatabouthelast30years” If you want the future to change, focus on changing the now now.

A deflection is a deflection

I’m sure they were

Democrats do it too. Don’t act like it’s only Republicans who are doing this.

That’s not the past. He’s the subject of a current investigation. Now I have a question for you. Why do you insist that democratic corruption should never be investigated?


Investigate Biden. Go for it. Make a thread.

Always gotta deflect

Why do you guys care about this guy when BENGHAZI

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The only solution is to investigate Joe Biden


A senator using priviledged information to help themselves. Well there is a shocker. It’s nothing new and it doesnt matter what party they belong to cause they both do it. It’s up to his constituents to decide if they care about it or not. I doubt they will.