Reverse Communism

It’s good to have a hobby, but gave you tried bowling?


Take a deep breath my friend and welcome to Hannity Land.

I read your OP and also agree that there is a serious attempt by many to destroy the beautiful, capitalism of this country. The move is to offer “a place to settle” instead of “chasing the American Dream”. What I’m observing as the main target to accomplish this is an attack on a Christian nuclear family. That is the very foundational brick of our country and I’m watching it being torn apart right before my eyes.

Are non-Christian nuclear families just not as good as Christian nuclear families?

Historically to this country, a Christian nuclear family it’s very foundation. Change that…and everything changes. Observing the rise of youth violence leads me to believe that this attack is having a negative effect.

Violence overall has been on the decline since the founding of our country. Where can I find some data on the trend in youth violence you describe?

What do you propose?

Look in Baltimore, Chicago or La…that’s a good place to start. Here…let me help.

Is the overall trend in the US going up or down?

It’s ■■■■■■■ insane my friend…now just stop the feces.

Did you know the DOJ keeps data on these kinds of things?

Brah, some of us have been posting on this forum for over a decade. Others even two. Perhaps when some advice is given it should be considered.

You don’t have any rapport here. You don’t have clout. Coming in here and posting a wall of text is…pretentious at the least.

And many of us aren’t just some average joes who regurgitate talk radio or msnbc. You’re going to get hit with facts, and a lot of them.

But very few are going to read a wall of text from a noob, especially one that comes in here AND YELLS AT ANYONE WHO DISAGREES WITH HIM.

Take a chill pill. Get some social skills. Try again.


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What is being done about the problem?

How many students in the Baltimore school system, are proficient in math? How will these kids make it economically, in the world they’re about to enter? How much hope will they have about their economic future? How will they provide for the children they bring into the world? Do you actually care or are they just a statistic?

Just answer the first question and we will get to your other questions… Is youth violence on the rise or decline over the last 30 years? 40 years? 50 years? How does that correlate to the “destruction of the Christian nuclear family”?

Wait?! You perceive that as the biggest threat, and so presumably in some effort to mend this situation, you help elect Trump to office? What in the holy hell man?!

You’d prefer Hillary and all of the behind the scenes corruption that attempted to clear her of her illegal actions…that would have never, ever come to light had what you just said, come to fruition? What in the holy hell man?!

Nice deflection Smyrna, can’t say I expected anything less…:wink:

That’s reality my friend. It was either plan A or plan B? I’m sorry you aren’t able to comprehend that.

Do me a favor… dont refer to me as “friend” and then simultaneously attempt to insult my comprehension skills.

I simply made an observation concerning the irony of stating that you believe the biggest attempt to destroy this country is by way of attacking Christian nuclear families (presumably somehow elevated in status/importance in your mind vs. non-Christian nuclear families, but I digress…)… and yet you elected Trump? It boggles the mind a bit… I hope you’re not holding your breath that this admin is going to do anything helpful to reduce this greatest assault on our country… lol

My post was about the biggest threat to america is communism.

I’ve observed our country depart further and further from “in God we trust”. As it does, I’ve also observed broken families and an ever increasing anger in our youth. I’m watching the test scores of our children decline because their parent/parents aren’t interested in the personal sacrifice it takes in their lives, to make the difference in their children’s lives. What I said regarding families…is SPOT ON.

Regarding the election…and what I said regarding there being only two choices for us little people to pick from is again…SPOT ON. I’m sorry for your internal anger but I’m not the cause, I’m only the messenger.