Restaurants investing in technology instead of paying people higher rates

Don’t worry, your kids won’t care. They might even think you’re old fashioned. :wink:



I guess it’s that time again. We’ve got a (D) as President, time for more The ROBOTS are taking all the jobs threads.


still need someone to cook the noodles, all that does is cut them its an expansive knife.

It’s one of them trendy places. They have live music, and food trucks out front. We also have a pour your own wine place that is pretty popular as well.

I love one of the reviews for that tap room though.

Warning : SCAN your Drivers License. Not Cool. This is setting us up for COMMUNISM

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It’s not a bad thing necessarily for the US businesses to invest in technology. Rather create 20 good paying engineering and technician jobs than import 100 low skilled uneducated immigrants.

That’s not what I’m doing. Do you believe that every business can pay what Microsoft pays a software engineer? If not, why?

Some jobs yes, some no. As I noted earlier there’s little reason one needs a human to take a person’s order and futuristicly I could see robots bringing the food to people’s tables. How hard would it be to program a robot the layout of a restaurant and to stop at a specific table?

Look up flippy. Nice robot, cooks burgers.

And that’s where you’re wrong.

It’s not like it hasn’t been tried. It doesn’t work.

It’s not what people want.

Yeah, online ordering doesn’t work, tell door dash.


When profit is king…reducing costs is the constant goal.

Well, it sorta works. I order a lot of takeout, they ■■■■ it up a lot of the time.

But that’s not the point. Delivery isn’t the same as dining out.

someone still has to make the food, and deliver it.
if anything you create a new job by being lazy and not driving to pick it up.

If a restaurants decides it’s more cost effective to put technology at every table then people won’t have a choice. They’ll get used to it.

No contradiction there. So how is it BS? Profit is king, that’s the purpose of business.

There is a greed problem.

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Of course they’ll have a choice.

They can go to the restaurant down the street.

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Well, that is the problem.

Need to put other factors on that balance sheet, besides cash.

Dining is one of the few things people enjoy the concept of being waited on by staff.
its part of the appeal.