Restaurants investing in technology instead of paying people higher rates

Do you think it should be more than $2.83/hour before they plunge into despair?

I’m always forced to laugh at the delight they take in this, considering that the next wave of automation is going to decimate middle management, administrative and IT. Y’know, their jobs. And the pandemic only accelerated this.


They started demanding more pay, and when the market couldn’t afford the inflation any longer, hundreds of different jobs types involving millions of people were gone, and there was no need to pay humans to do a robot’s job.

Who says they need to work for less than a livable wage? Automation hurts small businesses more than it hurts Walmart or McDonalds

Hmm not that simple. Not every business can automate. And not every piece of automation replaces a human.

However if we have a labor shortage… then we need more people. Otherwise wages will naturally rise and give big business more incentive to automate

It’s fascinating watching people argue against higher pay for workers.


The service industry is actually much harder to automate than people act like. You can automate cashiers but there’s no point at which a robot is more cost effective than a pimply seventeen year old even if you have to pay them three more bucks an hour.

And servers and bartenders will never be replaced. Or line cooks.


Yeah, it’ll hurt small businesses more than it will hurt Walmart or McDonalds, and only the people with robots will come out on top. Future small business dreams needs not apply.

Just all the low-level ones. Gotta keep that schooling racket up.

We’re the third most populated country in the world already. We have more than enough people.

There’s a money problem.

Have you ever seen The Fifth Element?

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America loves corporate overlords.

Yet there is a “Labour shortage”

They tried it in Japan and it was a massive failure. People don’t like bartenders because they’re booze monkeys, they like them because they’re amateur therapists.



Maybe you can automate burger making like Mondo Burger

Lol that is an impressive terrible idea when bartenders cost you all of three bucks an hour and they actually know what they’re doing.

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who is going to tell people they had to much to drink?
still need a bartender they just get to spend more time on their phone.

Don’t forget noodle making.

I worry about this the most. Especially construction.

I agree

I was using labor shortage generally. I didn’t mean we necessarily had a people shortage.

Oh no worries, lumber prices are already killing those.

It’s a money problem.

In 1964 (the year before they stopped making silver quarters), the minimum wage was $1.25 per hour.

A 1964 silver quarter weighs in at 6.25 grams and is 90% silver and 10% copper.

5 silver quarters comes out to 28.125 grams of silver and 3.125 grams of copper.

Leaving out the 3 grams in copper, the current market value that I’m looking at, for those same 5 quarters, is $‭23.90 in silver.

What’s a copper-nickel alloy quarter worth these days? 25 cents?




Some of my favorite Mexican restaurants are in Old Town, San Diego. One of them has cooks hand making tortillas in a viewing room. It’s magical. I’d revolt if I saw a robot doing it :rofl:

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