Restaurant bans children under 10

I say, good for this restaurant. I hope more follow.

For every customer they lose they will probably gain 10 more. Who wants kids running around a restaurant while you are trying to enjoy a meal and a night out?

Not to mention the toddlers who pitch a fit or emit that high pitched, ear piercing scream.

I’ve seen this in grocery stores and other places as well. Parents think it’s okay for their kid to run around. God help you if you say anything or if they run into your grocery cart and get hurt. Or run into a waitress with hot food and get burned. Then, the lawsuits come out.

If parents won’t control their kids in a public place then they need to find a place like Chuck E Cheese or leave them at home with a baby sitter.


Our kids majority of the time behaved well, the few times they acted up one of us took them outside or decided to pack it up and go home.

I have no problems with this. Plenty of other restaurants to choose from and it is nice there are some restaurant’s which are children free.

Though these days with our kids grown we just sit in the bar area where there are no kids.

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I have been seeing more and more disrespectful behavior in public places with the parents just seeming to ignore it. Which in turn is disrespectful to all of the people who have to put up with the bad behavior.

When I was a kid, people would speak up to the parents.

When I was raising my son, I would do the same thing you did - go outside with some very stern words or pack it up and go home with some very stern words and immediately to bed (no play time or bed time story) for misbehaving.

Last week I was in Costco and there were 3 kids running around full speed while the mom shopped and ignored them. They almost mowed down an elderly lady and the mom still ignored them.

The thing is, I am just seeing this more and more and if you say anything the parent gets offended and/or turns hostile.

Yeah I seem to have seen that but I also have to wonder maybe we just didnt notice it so much because we were focused on keeping our own kids in order while we were out and about.

I know from experience going out with a gaggle of kids kept me busy.

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I was eating in a cafeteria style restaurant about 20 or so years ago. It was the slow part of the afternoon, so two of the checkout lines were closed of with metal link chains. A lady was letter her son run wild while waiting in line.

He ran through the line, evidently no seeing the chain.

The chain caught him absolutely perfectly in the throat. The recoil sent him down backwards, striking the back of his head on the concrete floor. He was out cold for several seconds. He left in an ambulance. At least one person said, as she was leaving, “teach you to keep your ■■■■■■■ kid under control.”

I’ve seen kids who are out of control in a restaurant like once or twice in my life. Majority of the time, they are well behaved and not a bother.

Now - if we’re talking airplanes and kids under 6 or so, I would be 100% behind this policy. Show me where to sign the petition ! :grin:

Ditto. We were fairly selective about what restaurants we would take our kids to and which ones we wouldn’t. A good rule of thumb is, if the restaurant does not have booster seats and/or a kid’s menu, leave the little ones home.


This restaurant is about 20 minutes away from me. It’s an unusual case. Most of the times people don’t bring little kids to restaurants. The one’s that do usually have well behaved children, and it’s not a problem. This place, for whatever reason, seems to be where everyone wants to bring their kids. It became a problem.

It’s a business decision, and one to which the business is entitled to make.

I do not begrudge them that right at all.

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