Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is filling children's hospitals

RSV has been running rampant for the past month or so.

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It’s really only increasing in some of the southern states. It normally runs its course in the fall & winter months, but kids possibly staying home more during these seasons recirculating in activities like child care & other activities have increased numbers during the spring & summer:

And since this is a report from CNN from JUNE, it puts to the lie the narrative that the MSM was “covering it up”.

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And Janet just posted a CNN story from June discussing it.

Yes, RSV has been not a new virus and it has been spreading for some time. There have been occasional reports in the media.

The lie of omission is when the media fails to mention that the RSV is an prime factor in children’s hospital beds filling and instead implies that COVID is the only factor.

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Where is your evidence that states RSV is the prime factor all over the South?

The main thing they are seeing are kids infected with both viruses.

Yes, the statistics about RSV outbreak have been ignored in the media.

My observation is that most news reports leave RSV out completely and imply that COVID is exclusively responsible for any increase in the number of hospitalized children.

Nope, just a hype train designed to take people’s minds off of COVID.

From the CDC.

It is dangerous, but mostly to kids under 1 year of age, and older adults.

Here a link to a RSV death…

Oh sorry it was COVID.


If they are telling you it’s COVID, it’s more than likely because the kids actually tested positive for it.

Do you honestly believe Hospitals aren’t testing for COVID in this day and age, and just assuming it is COVID? Really?

And how many COVID articles did they have in that time frame? You people will defend anything to protect your precious COVID party line.

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RSV only impacts a small segment of children…mostly those around 0-2 years of age.

The bulk of pediatric cases are still COVID.

I really don’t understand what it must be like to live in a reality where one imagines conspiracies everywhere.

You think all these doctors all over the country are in on it?

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Again, do you honestly believe hospitals just assume kids have COVID, and not test to be sure?

Wow…just wow.

There’s nothing to defend.

RSV is being reported on. It’s on the rise and is troublesome but only impacts a small segment of children and much older adults.

The bulk of pediatric and adult cases are still COVID.

Again…what it’s like to imagine conspiracies everywhere is not something I can personally fathom.

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Really? Let’s play your game. Show us proof RVS is being reported on at the same rate as COVID!

No one is imagining conspiracies, all they said was RVS has become a problem and it is not being reported.

Link to anyone saying that?

Where your proof

Why should it be reported at the same rate as COVID?

Is it affecting as many people as COVID?

It’s got a much more limited patient population.

Proof of what?

RSV is a well known virus that mostly impacts kids 0-2 and older adults.

How do I know?

Because I read instead of react.

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How do we know? Show your proof it is not?

See how irritating your little proof game is? Common sense can be used.