Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is filling children's hospitals

Here is a report from Nashville:

While adult hospitals are filling up with COVID patients, children’s hospitals are dealing with a different virus.

“We are also seeing respiratory illnesses this summer in July and August that we’ve never seen in the summertime before or never seen on that scale. We usually see them in the dead of winter,” said Tennessee Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Lisa Piercey during a press conference last week.

Respiratory Syncytial Virus, or RSV, has filled patient rooms across the state.
Surging RSV cases leave children’s hospitals bracing for unpredictable months ahead (

RSV is a serious respiratory illness that is unrelated to COVID.

How many times have reports about hospitals full of children implied that COVID is the responsible when RSV or other illness is the primary driver?


I don’t think that it is a issue because we have tests for Covid. It is bothersome that the reasons why this is happening now is not known.

I would agree. What’s going on here? Is this another newly released lab virus?




This test request really is nothing I haven’t seen before, maybe a few more lately than usual.

It seems too early to speculate. It does sound like the doctors are rather surprised. And it sure sounds like wither or not it is just nature or man made, it is getting the best of us fast.

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It appears less mask wearing and social distancing in the summer time are partially responsible.

Per the OP’s linked article, most children infected have mild symptoms.

Troublesome, maybe, but something new or a cause for alarm?

IMO no

Good news and I hope you’re right…for the children’s sake.

I seem to remember a lot of leftist saying that covid was nothing to worry about early on.

RSV is a well known virus.

It’s neither new nor man-made.

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That implies that that news reporters are actually trying to report news and not just spin propaganda.

They may know that the most of the children in the hospital for RFV, but fail to report it. Instead they can (truthfully) say that there is an increase in COVID cases and pediatric sections are overflowing with patients. The (false) impression is that the COVID is the main factor in the large number of children in the hospital, but the primary issue is a surge in RFV cases not COVID.

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Show me one news report about Covid or any other outbreak that does not reference information given by doctors or the health care system. The press isn’t manipulating the numbers. All of the numbers are coming from local and state health officials. Show me the false impression that Covid is the main factor.
Because the news report you linked to does not do that at all.

Here are some reports that give the impression that COVID is the responsible for filling the hospitals, but they don’t actually say what portion of the patients actually have COVID.

  • Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock had 23 patients under 18 admitted to its system last week. Ten were in the ICU and five were on ventilators.
  • St. Louis Children’s Hospital in Missouri saw 13 kids come to the ER for Covid in the last week of July, and then it saw 20 who needed beds in the first week of August.
  • At Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, Covid positivity rates have risen from around 3 percent to above 10 percent among kids. The number of hospitalized children was in the single digits several weeks ago but rose to more than 30 last week.

Kids sick with Covid are filling up children’s hospitals in areas seeing spikes (

Arkansas appears to be seeing a surge in RSV cases that have nothing to do with COVID:

Chief Medical Officer at Children’s Hospital Northwest, Dr. Robert Williams said over the last few months the majority of the children the hospital is seeing right now are either RSV patients or ones with other respiratory viruses.

CDC warns of rise in RSV in Arkansas; local impact of virus (

In St. Louis and Houston, the increase in RSV coincides with an increase in COVID:
COVID-19, RSV among children put strain on local hospitals (

Texas children’s hospitals are under siege from RSV and COVID-19 | The Texas Tribune

For some reason I don’t see any mention of RSV in the NBC article. Is that an oversight or deliberate deception?

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Many of the reports you cited use the percentage increase in cases. From what I have seen, the national news sources have not been reporting individual levels of increases. However I have seen my local reports cite how things are going at the individual hospitals around the Austin area. Do you not think that in some areas this increase is a bad thing?

The party line is that COVID is threat so we need to force everyone to get vaccinated.

RSV filling children’s hospitals does not fit with the narrative, so that factor is ignored. Instead COVID is the only factor mentioned for crowded hospitals occurring in some locations.

The NBC report appears to be lying by omission.

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The NBC report that you linked to is dated Aug. 9th. As far as I can tell the RSV outbreak is only a few days old. So how is it possible that the NBC report from last Monday is lying by omission?

The report from Arkansas is that the increase in RSV and other respiratory patients occurred over the last few months and the report dates from July.

Chief Medical Officer at Children’s Hospital Northwest, Dr. Robert Williams said over the last few months the majority of the children the hospital is seeing right now are either RSV patients or ones with other respiratory viruses.

So you citing Dr. Robert Williams made me look up his comments. Here are two articles that quote him. One regarding RSV and one regarding Covid. So both articles quote the fact that there has been a increase in both and that both of these increases are not good.

Yes, there are multiple factors that are increasing the number of patients.

Only mentioning COVID is grossly misleading in my opinion.


Early on?

RSV was first identified in the 1950s.

Yeah, here’s a history of testing:

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