Republicans should expand and pack the supreme court

Republicans should increase the number of supreme court justices and pack the court.

Democrats are now discussing doing the very same thing, so we know they approve of it.

Since when did “Well the other kids want to do it so why shouldn’t we” become a viable justification for usurping the institutions of the republic?

That’s the funny part. Some extreme leftists have discussed it, just like some extreme right-wingers (including some in congress) discussed blocking ANY Hillary SCotUS nominees were she to win. And it was based purely on politics.

Here’s what Republicans doing it would look like.

-House speaker/Senate Majority leader see a blue wave coming, or see the writing on the wall in a presidential election year, and decide to gamble by increasing the number of seats and rushing some appointees through

-Dems cry foul

-Reps say “well, it wasn’t illegal, and here’s a similar situation Fox told me about that proves you did it first.”

-Dems “that’s not the same, blah blah blah”

-Reps say 'well, it technically wasn’t unconstitutional, so whatevs. eat ur peas libs."

I’ve heard the idea from Democrats to potentially expand the court, but not the idea of expanding it AND packing it. Is that actually a thing?

If it’s an acceptable tactic, why not use it?

So it’s only the extremes who are suggesting it then?

I have no doubt that after Trump and then Pence when dangerous democrats do regain power they will add 6 new justices to SCOTUS…to change it from 7/2 to 8/7 in their favor.

It is after all how they roll.

Since when did a justice retiring justify it?

GOP denies Obama the Garland nomination.

The Democratic Party wants to deny Donald but has little power to do so.

On we go.

Packing it is the purpose of expanding it.

They can’t.

Expand it to 18. Have a baseball game to determine impasses.


Because it would start a war, and guess what, it would be our fault.

Some really clever billionaire republicans should spend a lot of money on local races all over the country too. And then republicans should create insanely gerrymandered lines all over in order to really ■■■■ over democratic, left leaning citizens in the country.

■■■■■■■■ republicans will just laugh and approve while the country heads further and further down the ■■■■■■■ as more and more people begin to feel disenfranchised.

We wouldn’t want the wrong kind of people to decide who to be sent to run our government. When the Republic is on the line, it’s justified to bend the rules in your favor. Liberals must be defeated at any cost.

What I would consider extremes.

No! The libs will shoot them!

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Or billionaire libs, like Bloomberg trying to diminish the Bill of Rights? Like that?

It’s what the founding fathers would have wanted.

In your head, I have no doubt. Just like that.