Republicans ought to be castigating the president over the Trump Tower meeting, not covering for him

Ok. That’s their opinion. If some Russian with supposed contacts called and said that she had information that Hillary was taking money from the Russians illegally, than I think there was an actual duty to find out if that were true or not.
If it had been, than the meeting would have had to become public, as the only purpose would be to report such a meeting both publicly and necessarily to authorities
The only reason the meeting was “clandestine” was because it was a crock, and bait ans switch. It was held under false pretenses and there was nothing to report to anyone.

As to the statement about adoptions, yes…that was another time when comng up with thw whole truth was avoided for no known reason and that part can be condemned.

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Either you’re changing history or using another one of those “alternative facts”

The meeting was set up explicitly regarding “dirt” on Hillary by a hostile foreign government.

If a Democratic candidate has a meeting with Iran regarding dirt on his Republican opponent, I’m assuming you won’t be outraged… since it’s the campaign’s DUTY to find out if it’s true or not.

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And that “dirt” was allegedly illegal activity on the part of Hillary.
That is the history.

If the Democrats had an option to find out if Trump were taking money illegally from Iranian sources they would and should find out if that was true. Would they? If they will create a fake dossier, that isn’t even a question.

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Maybe libs prefer Trump pay for Russian information/dirt.

Would that be better?

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Republicans will have more flexibility after the elections.

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Most Congressional Republicans have abdicated any high ground or moral standing they might ever have had since they have become members of the Trumpublican Party.

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These Trump haters have totally lost their grip. Any person with an objective understanding of reality knows that the revelations that have come out over the past 18 months point to Clinton and only Clinton using foreign sources to get - no… not get… CREATE - dirt on a political candidate.

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Say it preacher!
The lib church is listening.

If the Trump campaign was told there was evidence of wrongdoing from the Clinton campaign, their job is to notify the FBI, not to the meeting to get the info themselves.

Come on, give it a rest! Always that pathetic slogans…
Hillary has payed for a phony dossier which has been put together with information received from an agent working for a hostile foreign goverment, in order to use it against Donald Trump during the elections and after that. Adam Schiff had no problem to have a conversation aiming to get dirt on Trump from a hostile foreign government in order to use it against him during the elctions

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You do realize it was Obama who said that and not Trump, right?

Putin also wasn’t who it was said to at the time.

Yay talking points. :roll_eyes:

I think I would have gotten my hands on some evidence before I called Strzok up…and then just given them the copies…at least until the media had it.

Good thing I am not a Trump hater. I have a very firm grip, it is a bigly firm grip, it is the most big beautiful bigly firm grip, ever. EVER

My understanding of reality is the best understanding of reality, ever, believe me.

Trump is a pathological liar. So when he says he is unequivocally and 100% innocent, we know that isn’t true.

He is likely going to be exposed as the head conspiracist seeking to collude with the Russians in the 2016 Election, or not.

Time will tell, time will out.

Maybe Donny and Bill can share a cell in a Federal prison?

Oh wait.

Donny is the only one at such risk at the moment, the Republicans never could pin anything more on him than the meaning of IS.



I still doubt that Mueller will show Donny conspired with Russia, or if he does, with enough evidence to make any difference.

But I am thinking that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has uncovered scads of other criminal activity engaged in by the Donald.

Lord knows the Republicans will never step up if he shows it to be so.

But if they don’t keep the House, there will be some Congressional Fireworks beginning next January.

The level of corruption within the DOJ, FBI, deep state, RINO and Dems just sickens me to my core. The will of the people was made perfectly clear Nov 2016. If EVER a President had a mandate…ITS Donald J. Trump. For these people to give the proverbial middle finger to that electorate, should make EVERY Americaan want to clean the slate completely in D.C.


Said the person who told us for four years what a big conservative they were.


A mandate? He didn’t even win the popular vote, much less have a mandate.