Republicans for Voting Rights

This group just ran an ad on Fox News trashing Conservatives, the group leadership up is made up of great conservatives like Bill Kristol, Amanda Carpenter of CNN, Mickey Edwards, Olivia Troye, Michael Steele, Linda Chavez, Charles Djou, & Sarah Longwell.

This new group of Conservatives are intent on keeping the voting laws as they are, or strengthening them to be sure every vote is counted!

Why would any conservative not be for their agenda!

They are Never Trumpers.

That is why they will be rejected.

Pigs are flying!

They reject the need for audits like the ones in AZ.

They reject the Big Lie.

I used to think well of Bill Kristol, now I just see him as an idiot.


All because they don’t like Trump.

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maybe it’s because trump exposed them all as self centered swamp republicans


Oh, look the globalist contingent wants to keep 1/2 the country believing our elections are fake. All you need to know is they don’t support voter ID and want to keep mail in fraud…

Self centered? Trump exposed OTHER PEOPLE as self centered? pot meet kettle

You agreed with all of those same Republicans until Trump came along and lied to you constantly.

Those swampy Republicans are still less swampy than Trump and his followers in congress.

I support voter id, just make sure it free and that it’s not implemented with racist intent.

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Nice, but I bet you still vote for those who don’t…

How would you ensure that?

The same way they did it in Texas and North Carolina.

Which is how?

Google the court cases…

I’m asking for your expertise.

Tell me you fell for neocons without saying it.

Since you had to make this all about me for some reason (i actually know the reason), i agree with any republican or anyone who puts the interests of the American people ahead of their own petty political needs. Those who don’t are in the swamp.

all democrats, most republicans

Where is that happening?

How does one decide that?

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Or maybe it’s because they didn’t fall for his con.