Republican Poll Shows Abortion is Driving Voters Towards the Democrats



Since one of the highest causes of death for kids are getting shot firearms, do you support firearm regulations to curb that issue?

It’s not unless you include adult gang members.

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Adult gang members killing kids?

No. That’s how they got gun deaths to be high for children.

The statistic included 18-19 year old gang members who get shot.

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That is because those stats were not available for that age group…


The U.S. Is the Only Country Among Its Peers in Which Guns Are the Leading Cause of Death Among Children and Teens.


You aren’t merely disagreeing. You are fabricating statements to attribute to others – statements that are blatantly untrue. That’s a lie.

Don’t do that.

Certainly I disagree with your lies. And because of your serial dishonest posting, I do not consider your participation reasonable.


The regulations already in place, if enforced, would take care of that.

Beyond that, you’re off topic.

Abortion kills more children – by magnitudes – than any other cause. And that’s what this thread is about. Some polls show a lot of people are migrating to Democrat voting because they want abortion to remain as available as it is today (if not more so.)


(… which is a typical sleazy tactic common among libs. Not surprised that you would defend it.)

Question or not, the concluding sentence in that post makes the intend plain and clear. You know that. And I cited that concluding sentence too.

Further, the person asking that leading question has already said:

I would hope one would afford others the same latitude of inference that one claims for oneself.

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No. There’s only one reason to include adult aged victims in the statistics for children, and that’s because you want to change what the results for the children are.

Figures lie and liars figure.


The only thing I have to go on is that there were a bunch of ladies in multiple states who confessed in their voter exit interview that anti-abortion bills were a key motivator in their vote.

I posed my comment as a question – checking with the poster whether I had their views correct.

I did not attribute anything to the original poster; I checked in with whether my interpretation was correct. There is no lie in doing that.

It’s not just polls. Every time protection of abortion rights has been on the ballot since the Dobbs decision the abortion rights position has won.

It’s interesting to contrast that with gun control. Support for abotion rights has not increased much since before Dobbs, but the Supreme Court decision energized pro-choice voters to a great degree.

In the same vein, moderate gun control measures have widespread support, even among Republicans, but the perception is that voters don’t vote on that issue. I wonder what, if anything, might galvanize voters on that issue?

Activist judges ruling gave people the “right to kill” by aborting a fetus. It was not against the law, and there was no punishment for taking another life.

No ruling has been made that gives people the “right to kill” a child with a gun. It is against the law and there is punishment for taking a life with a gun.

“I espouse the right to save life rather than the right to kill.”

Already been addressed.

Here’s a hint: The Disingenuousness of your posting style has derailed your thread. In this thread I gave a direct reply to your actual question, but that got buried under dozens of other replies about … you.

In your opinion, why do a majority of Americans disagree with the notion that abortion during the first 22-24 weeks of pregnancy does not convey a “right to kill”? That is such a strong statement but it does not resonate with many people. Why is that?

The only one derailing this thread by making this thread about me is you.

A liar is hardly the worst thing I have been called here; and besides your obsession with castigating me is keeping the thread near the top of the open thread list so by all means keep it up.

Believe the science. Except when you want to kill your own offspring.

But, as you said in your OP:

Post with sincerity and you wouldn’t have this happening to you. If you don’t like having the crap in your posts called out, you can change that.

I’ll repeat: I gave a direct reply to your actual question, but that got buried under dozens of other replies about … you.

Maybe you didn’t even see it.

Imagine that.

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