Republican Poll Shows Abortion is Driving Voters Towards the Democrats

Okay, you found five people acting to make a point. They don’t represent any sizable amount of opinion.

Or I could treat this like Mega-nauts would do and say this is obviously a False Flag operation put together by abortion opponents.

In the end though, across millions of people, you can always find a few extremists, but they don’t speak for the vast majority on either side of the issue.

Can we come back to the question posed in the thread. How should Republicans respond to this issue politically given that the vast majority of voters who will turn out to vote for abortion rites would never consider worshipping abortion.

Twenty posts in and not one person has offered a view the underlying politics of the issue. Let’s see how far we can get before someone provides a substantive answer?

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Then this needs to be front and center of the upcoming GOP President campaign. The message will resonate.

Actually, I lean in the direction Nikki Haley is going.

This nation is not ready for a ban. Too many people clamor for abortion rights. Trying to change the shift (and yes, there is a clear shift toward abortion) through legislation forces those riding the shift to dig in all the more fervently.

I’m staunchly pro-life, anti-abortion, abortion abolitionist, whatever you want to call it. But if I were running for office I would not be pushing legislation. I would be using my platform to promote the message.

People look to the Kansas vote last August as a watershed moment. I believe it was. KS legislature tried to bite off more than the voters could chew. And the same is happening in other states.

Hearts have to change first. Conservative politicians and talking heads need to use their microphone moments to make the argument for life with the biological facts to make the human rights case. Not to hammer legislation that people cannot understand if they reject the human rights violation that abortion is.

You made up a lie about what I actually said.

Don’t do that. I said what I said. Not what you said. Repeat it again, and it will be a lie again.

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But no one celebrates abortion. :roll_eyes:

There are countless such examples out there.

I’m not interested in finding them for you so you can dismiss them one at a time.

Take it up with your own camp:

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There are always some nuts out there…but how many people consider abortion…a significant or happy day or event with a social gathering or enjoyable activity?


Get your t-shirt!

Your camp has way more sick minds in it than you are willing to admit:


Weak sauce…

But…hey, if you need to think women celebrate when they get an abortion…that speaks more about you than you may realize.

She said it saved her life . . . .the details that she described on Twitter suggest it was purely elective – and she got taxpayers to pay for it.

In “saving” your life, you can lose it.

“For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” ~ Jesus


Some do celebrate. What other reason would they have for wearing those God-awful shirts other than in celebration? Do they look sad for taking a life?

Thank you for that!
I searched, and it turns out it was a comedy skit, that I find hilarious…but I am pretty sure, you, and other cons will not.

Here is is…if you want to laugh.,.or not.
(a few bad words are used) This is also 4 years old…

Wow…you can tell how people feel about something, from a moment in time from a photograph?

That is impressive.

Oh, the ones taking part in the picture hate abortion? They are just kidding? Who jokes about killing babies? A mock celebration is still a celebration.

Won’t even be an Issue this election. And if you live in a dem state they still kill babies…

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The pink cat hat ladies sure do. They have had many rallies just to brag about what they have done.

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No, I am on the side of life which is never the wrong side. The majority of democrats can support and celebrate the murder of children but they will never be on the right side of that argument.