Republican Party silent over Trump comments

How far the GOP has fallen. Not even a single Republican has a problem with those comments coming from a US President?

That’s the fear of trumps base and them losing their jobs…

That’s the gop

Prime Minister May is not being silent…

Well the new thing is that those ladies hate Israel.

It seems that that old canard comes in handy still.

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What Donald Trump said is perfectly fine. Donald Trump is entitled to his views, and whether you like it or not this is the new normal concerning how Politics is done in America. Democrats are going to whine, but Trump is just doing what his political base wants him to do.

More or less. If Donald’s base is silent or otherwise unconcerned about the comments, what is the motivation for Republicans to speak out against them? The primary focus of ANY politician will always be doing and saying whatever provides them with job security.

That or they agree with trump.
It’s one or the other.

You fear losing your job or you agree with the statements trump made.


Honestly, whether a politician agrees with Donald or not is irrelevant. They will not openly disagree with the sentiments of the base that put them in power/threatens that power.

Much like lizards they have the ability to regrow a party part. In their case it is their spines, but it only happens once they leave office.


Donald’s base might not be aware of his comments. Was it talked about much on Fox News yesterday? I don’t see it on the front page of Fox News website and it’s not being discussed here.

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It makes it harder for them to come out against trump because of the base.
If they agree then they can deflect easier.

Graham on the one hand seems to have either sold himself or was blackmailed.

Then again…he wanted the White House before…maybe he sees this as a in with the base after trump leaves…

I just thought of that

I can bet 90% of his base agrees with this.

I’ve got to say, the GOP has really gone downhill since I separated from them in 2016. They use to stand for what was right - at least verbally (if not necessarily in action). It saddens me to see what has become of the GOP since they subjected themselves to Donald Trump’s influence.

With all that said, this confirms to me that I absolutely made the right decision when I left the GOP. I cannot, in good conscience, be associated with an organization that remains silent when the guy at the top is spouting what Donald Trump is spouting.

Now, I’m not going to make speculations about what individual members of the GOP may be thinking, but as an organization the GOP has failed miserably in taking a stand against this type of speech.


I have no sense of the numbers – and whether your estimate is higher or lower.

But I have no doubt that the purpose of Trump’s twitter outbursts on Sunday and Monday was to promote division in our country and those who stand by silently are agreeing with this intent.

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I am sure Jeff Flake is concerned that the president has been tweeting racist tweets. He might make a statement in a few weeks.

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Its got to be difficult, having to defend the indefensible day in and day out during this administration. I’m sure that most of them are secretly praying that Trump loses in 2020, just so they don’t have to play this game any longer. Of course, if that does happen, they’ll all pretend that they never supported Trump, and their constituencies will line up behind them like they were entering Mr Roger’s Land of Make Believe.


I didn’t used to believe that. However, it really shows at how many don’t want to discuss what the President of the United States is saying publicly. It would be so easy to say “What Donald Trump said is inappropriate, although I still support all the non-racist things he does.”

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I can no longer accept the excuse “ I don’t like his tweets”

If it wasn’t apparent enough over the last two years what is in the man’s heart this past weekend is a blaring alarm of who the President really is.


I can say that despite their best efforts to deny it, I will remember those who either supported Trump or were endorsed by him, as well as those who remained silent during times like that. Anyone who falls into this category will absolutely not get my vote, no matter what office they may be seeking. Given Trump’s behavior, this is an absolute line in the sand for me.


I have never accepted the excuse. Donald has always been a deplorable human being.