"Republican" Dewine Refuses to Re-Open Ohio

I voted for him. I regret it. I’m sick of control freaks. He must be inside deep into the deep state. I don’t care what party, I will vote for anyone who will not try to control freak or get on a power trip.

Do you really believe there is some nefarious deep state organization?

Its just a convenient excuse any time a politician does something you do not like or if a Trump appointee ■■■■■ up or strays from the path of trumprightesouness.

The way the deep state is talked about on this forum you would think it was a James Bond villain style of organization complete with a secret hideout in a volcano.


I thought OH was opening.

What changed?

I’m in Ohio and work at a college. We have a meeting this morning about our returning timeline. Our president sent a meeting agenda yesterday and unless I’m reading things wrong, it’ll be either June 24 or mid July before I’ll be on a campus again.

Yes he really believes it.

A lot of people do.

And it’s a pizza parlor, not a volcano.

Get it right. :sunglasses:


It would help if people of the same political persuasion called out the conspiracy theorists within their own ranks. Unfortunately, they are loath to attack their own.

When a liberal friend of mine subscribed to the Bush 9/11 conspiracy I called him out and didn’t let up.


The stupid thing about this conspiracy theory is the belief that leaders of states would beggar their people so as to get “greater control”.

Unlike a country that has fiat currency it literally makes no sense for state governors to do so.

The whole “control narrative” is so logically incoherent it’s not even funny.

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DeWhine at the last minute decided to control freak us & keeping it closed indefinitely.

Really? He’s telling us what to do. You cannot open your business. Of course the left loves to control freak.

There’s a deep state in that just like the cabal that Comey, Struck, etc. got Flynn in a perjury trap only because they wanted to harm Trump. It’s not a theory, much less a conspiracy theory, it happened, just like sending 25 member swat team at 3 am into the home of an old man for telling a lie, well, don’t think he even lied, but he did NOT pose a danger to anyone, all they had to do was send a couple guys there at 9 am & knock on the door. But hey, terrorize him amiright?

Oh, then put them in jail for years! The ones who did this should go to jail for the same time they want to put others in jail for no other reason than politics.

Funny, it looks like a phased reopening just like Pennsylvania is doing.

And how is DeWine related to this sinister cabal anyway?

No your narrative is dumb and it deserves to be given no credibility.

These governors are doing the best they can to try and control the virus within their state bounds.

You disagree…fine…but you’re not arguing facts and data…you’re arguing emotion.

And that doesn’t give your narrative any credibility.


Just like his predecessor, never Trumper, best friend the democrats have. Just like some with some of the conservative magazines, that was once great, now they get praise & air time from lefties, but NOT the right.

He did something @Ceasar didn’t like.

They are doing the best they can to control our lives.

He’s been in Ohio government forever. He’s a team player: AKA go along to get along

That’s exactly what we want to hear from a faithful subject. Well done, new guy. :wink:


WAH! DeWine did something I disagree with!

Therefore he’s an evil socialist Marxist Communist Deep State Collaborator!

There’s your argument in a nutshell.

Feel free to copy and paste.

I love how a republican does this but you’re still blaming the left.

Have you looked at Donald Trump’s guidelines for the states to follow for reopening? He’s a republican too.