Republican Christine Todd Whitman Calls for GOP To Seek Trump's Removal From Office

All one has to do to join the Democratic Party is to register as a Democrat. There is nothing stopping those like CTW from doing that.

So what are the remaining options for people like her, George Will, Kristol, et al, then? Attempt to form a new party to counter the TOP (Trump Ol’ Party)? Team up with Democrats? Try to encourage centrists from the left to join them in a moderate/centrist party? Try their hand at affecting the Libertarian party? Check out of the process entirely?

Nah. Those people were always who they’re showing us they are today. Trump just made them brave.

Now, they could go back to pretending they’re the Moral Majority or the Tea Party or the (soon to be) Family and Honor Party. But they’ll always be the same ole folks we see today. They’ll just put their new mask on.

The mechanics of doing it are indeed simple.

There is an emotional component to it that is a difficult hurdle.

Merely exiting the party to become an independent is, for many people, a repudiation of their own past. Not an easy change to make.

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They definitely need to do something different than what they are currently doing. Trump continues to suck all of the oxygen out of the room, to the point where any message of positivity they may want to promote is not getting through, and all that is left is the message of opposition to Trump. I don’t know if that is sufficient.

Do you think Single payer healthcare, strong unions, effective but reasonable regulations, free trade schools/state colleges, and higher taxes on the wealthy is extreme left?

I think it’s a combination of all of the above. They have an opportunity to break into a space that outside of the current angry, angry Trumpism core. I think they could peel off a large portion of independents, a small but significant portion of centrist Democrats (basically the Joe Manchin type), and much of the libertarian wing.

Hell, call it the Whig party, that would be divinely poetic. Or the Bull Moose party.

Nixon and Reagan would be too liberal today.

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Might be sufficient for the mid-terms depending on what happens the next couple of months. I don’t think it’s sufficient for when their is a top of the ticket in 2020.

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I’m sure it’s not - but it’s disingenuous to say the Democratic Party should open their tent wider to accomondate them. If they join they will be welcomed.

IMO, these people have no desire to join as the Democratic Party’s policies/platform don’t represent their ideology at all.

I like it in theory. But in practicality, the two-party system of governance we have seems too entrenched to allow for a legitimate challenger. I’d love nothing more than viable 3rd and 4th party alternatives. I just struggle to actually see it come to fruition.

Fair point. I’d agree with this.

Good point. I misinterpreted your original point.

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Indeed. To be clear, I have no good idea of what the way forward is for those folks.

All I have is a sense that the brand they inherit if they re-assume control of the party will be the political equivalent of Enron. Maybe they can re-brand it back to something palatable, but it might just be easier to start with a tabula rasa, rather than have to erase the memories of what Trumpism will do to the brand.

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I understand, and do not disagree. It is just baffling to me that the current GOP has sold itself out for such a short-sighted, temporary victory, knowing full well the long-term damage that is being done to its brand. I never would have thought to have seen the day.

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Trey Gowdy called on Trump’s advisors to quit if he can’t find it in him to stick to the truth on russia.

Hopefully this tide continues to roll.

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The trade off is, the loyalty of the Trump base is so fierce…and for a congress person and even some senators, if they are in Trump Country, that is all they need for perpetual re-election.

True. And thus far none of consequence have done as much. Although I would be genuinely curious to see how many career government officials have in fact resigned as a result of Trump. We have heard of a select few here and there. I bet the numbers are fairly alarming, if we were to know of all of them.

Someone should start a thread on Gowdy. Would like to hear what the trump maniacs here say about Mr. Benghazi now…

True. The base is rabid. There is no question there. However, there is also statistical data showing fewer people registering as Republicans with Trump at the head of the party. While the base may be fierce, if the total numbers dwindle to the point of irrelevance, that what good is there in kowtowing to the man?