Republican Christine Todd Whitman Calls for GOP To Seek Trump's Removal From Office

Another lifelong Republican has come out blasting Trump for his traitorous performance in Helsinki. This time it is former NJ Governor Christine Todd Whitman.

There seems to continue to be more and more evidence of the GOP tent shrinking as a result of Trump. And we are just at the 1.5 year mark. How much more damage will be done to the GOP as a result of their decision to support this man? None? Some? A lot?

What say you?


For a long time, I felt the same. I’m not as confident any longer though. Perhaps I am mistaken though. Time will tell.

The most truthful words trump has ever said:

“I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,"


Egads man. That is a pretty fair point, however depressing it may be.

Not seeing a bottom to the damage, yet.

An equally valid question to this, though, is why are Republicans like Christine Todd Whitman still trying to rescue the Republican party? To a certain extent I get it. But the time to act before the stink of Trump sticks to them was long, long ago. Even success in this endeavor will, at this point, not inoculate the party from this history.

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Way to look on the bright side. :wink:

How stupid is this woman, oh wait she wrote this asinine article so she is pretty damned dumb!!

It is a fair question indeed. I’d have to venture a guess that it is still inconceivable to them that the party they have spent their lives being a part of, helping to gain power and implement policies they believed in, could so easily succumb to such intellectual laziness and angry rhetoric. And the reason for this likely lies in the understanding that it would require introspection as to how their own vitriol helped to enable the emotional vulnerabilities that a man like Trump was able to manipulate and play to his advantage.

Do you think the party will have to die (become more of a regional political party versus a national one) before the realization would settle in for them?

What in particular did you find to be asinine about it?

Yeah, she’s the one who’s dumb and stupid. Perhaps if she had stuck to 140 char in ALL CAPS trumpletons could grasp her point.

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She’s a deranged Hating Trump Derangement Syndrome hater…or something like that.

Christine Todd Whitman Derangement Syndrome (CTWDS) is on full effect.

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So long as Donald’s base exerts any degree of control over a GOP politician’s career there will be those who remained cowed.

Perhaps they should but presently they seem disinterested in doing so.

We’re a long, long way from the bottom. They’re still going to discover more mistresses and blackmail and family getting thrown under the the bus and illegal real estate deals and denials and trials and plea bargains and flips. This movie is a long way from being over.

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What a truly scary proposition. And should the bottom be reached, will it even matter?


The problem is that the wack-a-doodle extremist from both the left and the right are driving the debate.

Kind of leaves those of us right-of-center and those that are left-of-center who might actually have an adult level discussion out in the cold.


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It appears to me that Trumpism and Republicanism have become too intertwined. They’re indistinguishable and will be for the foreseeable future. Folks like Christy Todd Whitman and even (I can’t believe I’m saying this) Bill Kristol have no place in the party any more. Their views are excoriated by the Trump faithful.

Maybe there’s a future where Trumpism loses control of the party, but what value is that to the heirs? Does it even matter at what point the realization that Trumpism is destroying the party or making it untenable nationally crossed the mind of Whitman et. al?

They’re at the point where taking back the party is of little value. Who would want it by the time Trumpism is done with it except the 27 or 30%ers?

Somebody stole Christy Todd Whitman’s car and she’s acting like getting it back is a good thing when she knows deep down that it has already been joyridden into a pile of useless parts.

They’re not going to like what it is they have saved, even if they succeed.

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They seem to be making inroads with Independents. Maybe that’s sufficient, maybe it isn’t.

I believe Democrats need to co-opt the messaging that made Trump popular, but with a different definition of what makes America first in the world.

Yeah, it matters. We all get to vote.

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