Republican candidates agree to drop out based on poll. Religious question kills the deal

Like one’s tax returns? Or are we talking more in the line of NDA’S hiding affairs with porn stars?

How come you are allowed to take a “different” stance on every subject but Democrats cannot?

Our original Motto was not “In god we trust”. Graham got that changed with his influence over Eisenhower in the 1950’s. Same with the pledge (It too was changed). The religious right used the communist scare to taint our secular government the founders created.

We need to change it back.

Almost every single person in my family/extended family think those things came from the founders. I don’t even bother anyone.

Don’t move the goalposts. Yours was the blanket post that covered everyone with one bigoted remark but the good news is, visit a national cemetery and notice all the white crosses there that allowed you to freely speak.

Regarding the discussion I was having, it doesn’t matter when, what mattered is what is but thanks. Looking around me today vs decades ago, I don’t think moving away from The Lord is a good idea. “We” are not improving as individuals. The “greatest generation” was very close to our Lord and I’d rather emulate their heart.

The greatest generation did not require our motto or the pledge to have any god mentioned, to be great.

Our government does not need to be near any “lord”. That is for countries like Iran, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia etc…

Practice whatever religion you want…just keep it the hell out of the government.

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According to a Gallup poll two years ago, 89% of Americans believe in God.
According to a Gallup poll from 2015, more than three out of four Americans identify as some form of Christian.

Where do you see a “moving away from the Lord?” Putting Donald into the White House might be a good example, I suppose, but where else?


Maybe you’re just plain smarter than our Founding Fathers? Who knew?

Christ was the very meaning of agape. Forget everything else, look around and tell me how much agape you’re witnessing?

Do you believe you’re seeing less than in the past? I don’t. What you’re seeing is the exposure/exacerbation of attitudes and behavior that were always there, just less obvious in a prior age when social media and the internet weren’t around to transmit them instantly to the entire world at once. It’s especially bad in the realm of politics, but in my experience it’s rare when people let their political differences get in the way of day to day, face to face interactions with others. More often than not politics aren’t even mentioned.

Now, why anyone, and particularly Christians, would enthusiastically support the elevation of a man like Donald to the presidency is indeed something I don’t have an answer for, given that he is the antithesis of everything Christ advocated for. Some Trumpists defend their support as “I had no choice, it was him or Clinton” but there are those who adore him for his own sake. Does that represent a “moving away from the Lord?” Who can say.

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Says someone who voted for and constantly defends Donald Trump. The living embodiment of the seven deadly sins


When I was a child, children played outdoors and were protected by their neighbors. Today, “we” don’t even know our neighbors. When I was a child, you could go door to door on Halloween and get a sack full of candy in an hour. Today, children go to some central location, if at all because there’s so much evil out there. You can attempt to paint any picture that you want but I know that “we” are less kind to each other than in years past.

I agree…but too bad you don’t believe in first Amendment.

There is a lot of coarseness, rudeness, and stupidity in the world. I don’t believe there’s any more of it now than in years past, it’s just more obvious in the age of the internet.

Humans have always been rude, selfish, unkind to each other. The only difference I see these days is that there is less attempts to hide/excuse it, and more of a willingness to celebrate it. Even elevate it to the White House.

I have no idea where you live but my neighborhood is still that way

Why do you conflate those things that are Caesar’s with those things that are The Lord’s? I thought His message was clear on that?

I am agreeing with the founding father’s stance on the separation of church and state.

How does that make me smarter?

Google “Austin Petersen”, 3rd link is wikipedia, and it plainly states he is agnostic atheist. He is hiding nothing.

Who is “the creator”?