Republican candidates agree to drop out based on poll. Religious question kills the deal

"The two men and their staffs came to a tentative agreement on three poll questions that simply measured support and name-recognition for each candidate. But then Monetti backed out, because Petersen wouldn’t allow him to have the poll topped with a question asking respondents if they would vote for Petersen if they knew additional things about him, including that he “does not believe in God.”

They’re running 2nd and 3rd so they came up with a plan for one of them to drop out. Monetti wanted the poll to tell everyone that the other guy wasn’t religious.

Stupid agreement to start with IMO.

I wonder why the non-religious candidate wants to hide that fact from his voting body? If you want an honest poll, be honest.

For the same reason that the so-called “religious” candidate wants it mentioned.

One…is the truth and one is not the whole truth. Which candidate is being more honest with the voters and which methodology do you support?

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Probably the same reason people don’t announce that when applying for a job-to avoid discrimination.

So you see nothing wrong with hiding the whole truth about yourself to your potential constituents?

He wasn’t hiding anything. All that was public.

They had agreed to poll questions and then one guy changed his tune at last second. He was probably polling behind or something.

It was regarding a deal that who ever polled the lowest…would drop out. That being said, the religious contender said if you’ll tell the truth about your position on religion, I’ll agree to that and he wouldn’t. How does a court discern someone not telling the whole truth?

Yes, he said, after they had already agreed on the polling questions. he changed at the last second.

Again, he was probably either running behind in the polls or he wanted to squirm out of the deal.

Stupid deal to start with if you ask me.

He may have been running behind but that doesn’t change the fact that this candidate would not run on the merits he believed in. He chose to hide the truth from his potential constituents and that says a lot about his DNA.

he didn’t hide anything. the one guy just wanted to change the (previously) agreed upon poll questions (i think there were only 3) at the last second hoping to gain an advantage. just a politician being a politician.

Call it what you will but if I remember correctly…you were ticked that Trump wouldn’t show his tax returns but I guess that’s…"d"ifferent?

Religiosity has always (unfortunately) been an important consideration to a very large percentage of voters. I don’t find this surprising at all.

dude, he hasn’t hidden anything. the one guy just wanted that one question ADDED to the poll (after they had already agreed to the questions) because he knew it might help him. it was a political move. that’s what we expect from politicians.

here’s part of a 2016 interview with Glenn Beck where he was talking about how he grew up as a Christian… “When I was a young man my mother died, and she was victimized by a pharmacist who diluted her chemotherapy drugs. I lost my faith and I never went back.”


Keep defending the obvious truth with your flawed lib logic. I’m luvin it.

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It says a lot about the number of religious bigots among voters that’s for sure.

it’s not surprising at all. the fact that they had already agreed to the questions and one dude wanted to sneak it in after they agreed is the real news. he’s just trying to win. that’s what politicians do.

now, neither one of them is gonna win anyway. so it’s like watching two teams battle it out for 6th.

there are a number of people here that go personal once they’ve lost an argument. you’re one. i showed where he actually said the words himself and you go personal. it’s always expected.

Ahhhhhhhhh…unless someone believes the same as you, they’re bigots. Just wait till you find out our national motto is, “in God we trust” or that our pledge is, “one nation, under God, indivisible…”. Damn bigots, every last one who believes in that.

No, it’s voters who won’t even CONSIDER a candidate who believes differently than them religiously who are the bigots. My personal votes don’t play that way.